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When does life begin?

The use of embryonic stem cells for medical research is a hotly debated ethical issue, with much of the discussion focusing on when human life begins. Listen to the views both of scientists and of some people from several faith traditions. In a major stem-cell breakthrough, scientists have discovered a new type of stem ...


Vine weevils in soil

This is a colour photograph of seven vine weevil ('Otiorhynchus sulcatus') larvae in soil. The larvae are small c-shaped grubs, which are creamy white in colour. Their bodies are semi-translucent, have a distinct brown head and are segmented.


Honey bee stages and broodcomb

This is a colour photograph of eight honey bees ('Apis mellifera') and a piece of broodcomb. The honey bees show a progression through the final three stages of development from larvae through pupae to mature adult. (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Hexapoda, Order: Hymenoptera, Family: Apidae.)


Broodcomb of the honey bee

This is a colour photograph of the broodcomb of the honey bee ('Apis mellifera') showing open and sealed cells. The sealed cells contain pupating larvae. (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Hexapoda, Order: Hymenoptera, Family: Apidae.)


King stag beetle

This is a colour photograph of a male king stag beetle ('Phalacrognathus muelleri') found in north-eastern Queensland. The large mandibles and hardened forewings, or elytra, are clearly visible. (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Hexapoda, Order: Coleoptera, Family: Lucanidae.)


Hawk moth pupa

This is a colour photograph of a pupa of a hawk moth ('Hippotion scrofa') lying in the soil among litter near the base of its food plant. (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Hexapoda, Order: Lepidoptera, Family: Sphingidae.)


Empty nymphal skins of a dragonfly and damselfly

This is a colour photograph of the empty nymphal skins, or exuviae, of a dragonfly and a damselfly. (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Hexapoda, Order: Odonata.)


Witjuti grub

This is a colour photograph of a witjuti grub ('Endoxyla leucomochla') on wood. The head region of the grub is shown. (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Hexapoda, Order: Lepidoptera, Family: Cossidae.)


Willow sawfly pupa

This is a colour photograph of a pupa of a willow sawfly ('Nematus oligospilus') on a green leaf. (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Hexapoda, Order: Hymenoptera, Family: Tenthredinidae.)


The Last Husky, 1993: Emperor penguin rookery

This clip shows a sled team with huskies setting out for an emperor penguin rookery. Two scientists are shown observing the rookery from a distance and then crawling along the snow to observe the adult birds with their chicks at close range. The intimate interaction of chicks and adult birds in the rookery, including an ...

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Management of the northern savanna

Around the world, tropical savannas are in serious trouble. This clip from 2007 explores the use of Aboriginal technology for sustainable management of the environment in Australia's huge northern tropical savanna. Hear from two environmental scientists why traditional fire-management practices may reduce the incidence ...

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Why do cows make milk?

Have you ever wondered why cows make milk? In this clip you will learn the answer to this question. You will also see how cows are milked in a large dairy. Join Bill, a dairy farmer, as he tends to his herd of dairy cows.

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Observing a kangaroo

Take a look at Australia's most famous animal, the kangaroo. Don Spencer feeds a female kangaroo that has a young joey in her pouch. Observe (look carefully at) how kangaroos stay alert in case of danger.

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Cloning stem cells

Cell cloning involves making an exact copy of a cell. Geneticists have discovered that cell cloning can be used to create large numbers of stem cells. Stem-cell therapy holds much hope for the treatment of some of our most debilitating genetic diseases. Watch this clip to learn more about this exciting breakthrough and ...

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Will Meeko grow up to be like his dad?

Meet Meeko the kitten. Listen as Lockie describes why he chose a kitten for a pet. Find out what he likes about cats. Look for the photo of Meeko the kitten and its father. Do Meeko and his dad look at all alike?

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Monotreme mum smuggles snuggly puggle

Female marsupials such as wallabies, kangaroos and koalas have live young and carry their joeys (babies) in a pouch. Find out how egg-laying marsupials called monotremes grow. Watch a newly hatched echidna as it grows from 'puggle' (baby) to adult.

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Albatross: giant bird of the sea

Albatrosses are large sea birds that spend much of their life over the sea, returning to land to breed. Watch this clip narrated by David Attenborough to see the nesting and mating behaviour of two albatross species. See these magnificent birds feed their young and take part in courtship dances on a remote, subantarctic island.

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Primary Connections: Watch it grow

This is an extensive teaching unit focused on learning, through a collaborative, inquiry-based approach, about the growth, development, reproduction and death of different organisms. It includes comprehensive lesson plans, as well as student handouts and other teaching resources, for seven structured lessons that form an ...

Interactive resource

Mystery objects: matching objects to people [Japanese]

Sort out some mixed-up luggage. Examine objects such as chopsticks, a dictionary and a postcard. Explore biographical information about bus passengers. Choose questions to ask them. Match the items of luggage to their owners. This learning object is a combination of four objects in the same series.


Kath and Kim - Money, 2002: 'Look at moy'

This clip from the Australian television comedy series 'Kath and Kim' shows Kim visiting her husband Brett at the electronics retail store where he works to buy a modem. Kim is shown in Kath's kitchen conducting an online chat with 'Pina Colada'. Kim's friend Sharon wants to 'have a go' and in pressing the wrong computer ...