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Listed under:  Arts  >  Music  >  Sound sources  >  Musical instruments  >  Stringed instruments  >  Guitars

Angus Young's Gibson guitar, 1992

This is a Gibson SG custom-model electric guitar used by and autographed by Angus Young of the Australian rock band AC/DC. The guitar has a solid timber body with black enamel finish and a timber neck with an ebony fretboard. Young has autographed the guitar in silver ink on the pick guard: 'A Young. AC/DC'. The manufacturer's ...


'Iceman' electric guitar , 1996-98

This is an Ibanez Iceman electric guitar made in Japan between 1996 and 1998. It features an irregularly shaped mahogany body with a 'galactic green' finish and a white star pattern. The case (not shown) is made of black fabric over ply and has sustained extensive damage. The lining of the case is dark velour fabric. The ...

Teacher resource

Getting Started with the Ukulele

This is an online teaching and learning resource on how to play the ukulele, featuring 14 scaffolded activities presented in three parts, ranging from learning parts of the ukulele and basic chords to developing skills, reading sheet music and performing for an audience. Each lesson is accompanied by up to three short instructional ...