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'Blue Gums', 1884-1917

This full plate glass negative was taken by Kerry and Co at some stage between 1884 and 1917. The silver gelatin dry plate glass negative in landscape format depicts large eucalypt trees by a flooded river bank. A rowboat is pulled up on the bank, half on land, half on the water. A man is sitting on the side of the boat, ...

Moving Image

Why are they called the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains are home to many different species of eucalypt trees. See how a bushfire in the Blue Mountains is part of the cycle of life. Bushfire changes the landscape but also stimulates new growth and regeneration of the forest. Watch this clip to see the eucalypt forest before and after a fire.

Teacher resource

Primary Connections: Among the gum trees

This comprehensive teacher resource focuses on the biology of eucalyptus trees. Students identify eucalyptus trees in their local environments and explore the life cycle of eucalypts, including germinating their own collected seeds. They investigate how eucalyptus trees form part of a complex ecosystem and research the ...


National parks: Australian Alps

This is a colour clip highlighting the Australian Alps: their landscapes in summer and winter; distinctive flora and fauna; and contribution to Australian identity through the poem 'The man from Snowy River' and the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. The clip contains a long sequence showing stockmen chasing brumbies. ...


National parks: Blue Mountains

This is a colour clip showing the landforms, landscapes, flora and fauna of the five national parks in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage area in New South Wales. The clip opens with a re-creation of the discovery of the Wollemi pine ('Wollemia nobilis') followed by scenes of tourists, mountain gorges, the gardens ...


Construction of a worker settlement, 1954

This is a photograph of a worker settlement under construction in the bush. Beside freshly created dirt roads are three identical completed houses and another partially completed. The photograph was taken by the Australian News and Information Bureau in 1954.


Felling giant karri in Western Australia in 1929

This is an excerpt from the silent black-and-white documentary 'The golden west' filmed in Western Australia in 1929. A highly decorated intertitle, 'Down among the big timbers the giants of the forest are fashioned into many things for many lands. "Come to the West - 1929"' is followed by scenes showing the felling of ...


Transporting giant karri logs in 1929

This is an excerpt from the silent black-and-white documentary 'The golden west' filmed in Western Australia in 1929. It comprises two scenes: the first shows a steam train reversing down a slope pulling flat wagons carrying eight huge karri trunks and the second shows the train pulling into a sawmill yard for unloading. ...


Karri logs at the sawmill in 1929

This is an excerpt from the silent black-and-white documentary 'The golden west' filmed in Western Australia in 1929. This excerpt begins with a large karri trunk being rolled from a bogie flat at a sawmill. Three karri trunks are then shown with chalk measurements on the cut faces. The last scenes of the excerpt show the ...


Protest funeral for a tree, 1994

This is a 1994 black-and-white photograph measuring 16 cm x 21 cm, taken by Nina Landis, showing Melbourne protesters conducting a funeral for trees cut down in Albert Park to make way for the Grand Prix racing circuit. Pallbearers follow two black-clad women who carry ceremonial gum leaves.


Harvesting eucalyptus in 1929

This is an excerpt from a silent black-and-white documentary entitled 'The Eucalyptus Industry', which dates from 1929. The excerpt begins with an intertitle that reads 'The harvesting of the Eucalypt scrub provides material for an exclusive Australian industry'. Men are shown collecting eucalyptus scrub by hand and loading ...


Distilling eucalyptus oil in 1929

This is an excerpt from a silent black-and-white documentary entitled 'The Eucalyptus Industry', which dates from 1929. It shows two men stamping eucalyptus leaves into a distillery vat. A wooden lid is then lowered onto the top by a pulley system and the vat is sealed securely. This scene is followed by an intertitle that ...


'Evening shadows, backwater of the Murray, South Australia'

This is a large oil painting (120.6 cm x 184.1 cm), created by H J Johnstone, that depicts a twilight scene on the backwaters of the Murray River in the late 19th century. The fading light has almost turned the giant red river gums that dominate the scene into silhouettes, exaggerating the bulk of their trunks and the twisted ...


Dry dam, Brunchilly, NT, 1958

This is a 1958 black-and-white photograph showing the dried-up Waterdew Dam on Brunchilly Creek, which is located near Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, about 500 kilometres north of Alice Springs. There are coolibah trees along the sides of the empty Dam. In the middle distance, a post-and-wire fence can be seen ...


Murray River at Echuca, 1970

This is a 1970 colour photograph of a section of the Murray River near Watson Street (not shown) in the Victorian town of Echuca. The viewer looks downstream in a northerly direction. River red gums can be seen clustered closely together on each bank. Structures to facilitate swimming and diving have been mounted on pontoons ...


Lake Hume, 1957

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken in 1957, showing part of Lake Hume, on the border between New South Wales and Victoria. The precise location is unidentified, but it could be the north-east 'Murray Arm', seen from the Victorian side. There are many dead trees in the water, the majority of which are probably river ...


Adult Christmas beetle feeding on foliage

This is a close-up colour photograph of a Christmas beetle ('Anoplognathus' sp) feeding on foliage. (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Hexapoda, Order: Coleoptera, Family: Scarabaeidae.)


Fire lookout in karri forest, 1966

This is a colour photograph taken in 1966 of a fire lookout built at the top of a 185-foot (56-metre) karri tree in the south-west of Western Australia.


Sawing a karri log, Pemberton, 1963

This is a colour photograph of a large karri log being sawn in the mill at Pemberton, Western Australia, in 1963. It shows the log on a mobile carriage, which is guiding it into the teeth of a twin-shafted vertical saw cutting from above and below. An operator is standing nearby, working a lever.


'Felling a gum tree', 1884-1917

This is a black-and-white photograph from a silver gelatin dry-plate glass negative produced by the studio of Charles Kerry and Co, Sydney. It shows two men using single-bladed axes to fell a large eucalyptus (gum) tree in New South Wales, probably in 1895. The man on the left is standing on a wooden wedge that has been ...