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The Australian Jockey Club's Sydney Gold Cup, 1950

This is a presentation cup, 'The Sydney Cup of 1950', manufactured from gold, wood, satin and velvet. The trophy consists of a covered gold cup attached to a dark-brown wooden base. The body of the cup is shaped like a tapering vase with fluting toward the bottom. The shining circular cover is slightly domed and finished ...


Horse-racing program - Victoria Racing Club, Spring Meeting, 1930

This is a soft-cover booklet containing a horse-racing program. The cover has a pale background and green lettering with some red detail. There is a drawing in green of a horse and rider. The booklet has a green border. On the cover is printed: 'CUP DAY / VICTORIA RACING CLUB / SPRING MEETING. / 1930. / Official Programme. ...


Horse rug used by Phar Lap, 1932

This is a brown-and-white check woollen horse rug. The rug has a dark brown border with dark brown straps. It is 295.60 cm long and 99.50 cm high.


Mane and tail brush used by Phar Lap

The wooden horse mane and tail brush shown next to the whip is part of a collection of Phar Lap's equipment made by his strapper Tommy Woodcock. The brush is 7.50 cm long x 21.00 cm wide x 6.50 cm high.


Suitcase used for Phar Lap's equipment, c1931

This is a battered brown leather suitcase donated to Museum Victoria by Tommy Woodcock, the former strapper of the racehorse Phar Lap. It has has leather reinforcing at the corners, a metal catch, round metal studs, a leather handle and straps. On the top and sides are labels with the letters 'PRAO' visible. The suitcase ...


Sample of horsehair from Phar Lap, 1931

This is a plastic 1970s make-up compact containing a small pile of brown shaved horsehair taken from the coat of Phar Lap before his trip to the USA, where he died.


Postcard - Phar Lap, 1930s

This is a sepia-toned postcard of the mounted hide of the racehorse Phar Lap. The horse is wearing a bridle and is standing on a black rectangular base. Printed under the photograph is: 'Phar Lap (50) NATIONAL MUSEUM, MELBOURNE'. The postcard is 13.98 cm long x 8.90 cm wide.


Phar Lap jockey's saddle, 1930-32

This racing saddle belonged to jockey Billy Elliot, who role Phar Lap on seven occasions between 1930 and 1932, winning every race, including his final race at Agua Caliente, Mexico, in March 1932.


Record of Phar Lap's purchase, 1928

This is the cover of the catalogue for the 1928 Annual New Zealand Thoroughbred Yearling Sales, at which Phar Lap was sold. Text on the cover reads: 'Annual New Zealand / Thoroughbred Yearling Sales / AT THE TRENTHAM RACECOURSE / TUESDAY, JANUARY 24th, 1928 / At 3.30 p.m. / PYNE, GOULD, GUINNESS, Ltd / Christchurch / W ...


Phar Lap's certificate of registration, 1928

This certificate was issued to owner David Davis in Sydney on 3 December 1928 to register Phar Lap as a racehorse. It proclaims: 'This is to Certify that the following particulars have been duly Registered for the Racehorse name PHAR LAP. Color and Sex Chestnut Gelding. Age 2 years. Brands and Distinguishing Marks (in full) ...


Phar Lap street ballad, 1932

This ballad, printed in Melbourne in 1932, commemorates the death of the champion racehorse Phar Lap. It begins: 'You all know a mighty racehorse, / And how he made his fame; / He was the wonder of the Turf, / And Phar Lap was his name...'. It was sung to the tune of 'The wearing of the green'.


Phar Lap's blanket, c1932

This video features curator Michael Reason talking about the blanket formerly worn by Phar Lap and now in Museum Victoria's collection. The blanket was in use in about 1932. The camera explores the blanket closely. The video also includes photographs of Phar Lap with his trainer, Tommy Woodcock, and a box of Phar Lap's ...


Phar Lap - Australia's Wonder Horse (website)

This is a website that tells the story of Phar Lap, the great Australian racehorse who triumphed during the Great Depression of the early 1930s, when a hero was needed by the people of Australia. The website contains stories, images and film footage.


My Place - Episode 8: 1938: Colum, Punting

Colum and Thommo are collecting bets from their neighbours on horses in the 1938 Melbourne Cup. They present these bets to Mr O'Sullivan, the local shopkeeper. Colum and Thommo hope to win big in order to save Thommo's family from eviction.

Moving Image

Outback House - horse race

Imagine leaving your home to travel back to a time over 150 years ago, to live and work on an outback farm. Sixteen Australians take part in a reality TV show about life on Oxley Downs, a sheep station built to look and work as a real station would have in the 1860s. Join the fun and excitement as station residents hold ...


Thoroughbred, 1936: Stormalong's last race

This black-and-white clip from the feature film 'Thoroughbred' (1936) shows the champion horse Stormalong racing in the Melbourne Cup, being shot and then dying after winning. It opens with scenes of the race intercut with scenes of spectators and a glimpse of a gunman. The action then shifts to trainer Tommy Dawson (Frank ...


Phar Lap's Heart, 1932

This is the preserved heart of Phar Lap, a champion racehorse of the late 1920s and early 1930s. It weighs 6.2 kg. A triangular section has been removed and is believed to have been taken for a biopsy. The heart is preserved as a 'wet specimen', submersed in a formalin solution, sealed inside a rectangular clear perspex container.

Interactive resource

Phar Lap

This is a student resource about Phar Lap, the champion racehorse of the late 1920s and early 1930s. Six images in slideshow portray his appearance, his preserved heart, his horse rug and a catalogue for the yearling sales where he was bought. Text on screen describes trainer Harry Telford’s faith in the horse’s abilities, ...


Phar Lap's last race in 1932

This is an excerpt with spoken commentary from a black-and-white film entitled 'Phar Lap's Last Race at Agua Caliente' which was billed as containing 'Exclusive Pictures of the Last Performance of the World's Greatest Horse'. The clip begins with a pan of the crowd followed by the start of the Agua Caliente Handicap. The ...


Melbourne Cup 1896

This is a still image from a silent era film of the 1896 Melbourne Cup held at Flemington Racecourse. This image was taken from behind the crowd as the first horse, Newhaven, ridden by H J Gardiner, approached the finishing line.