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Listed under:  History  >  Heritage  >  Archaeology  >  Archaeological dating  >  Incremental dating  >  Ice cores
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New tools to explore the frozen frontier

Scientists are using drones and robots to help them understand more about Antarctic ice. See how the use of these technologies is not only safer but much faster and more efficient.

Teacher resource

NASA's real world: what causes global climate change?

This is a resource for educators detailing sequential learning activities that explore global climate change. It considers the influence of human activities on climate change and the patterns and trends in climate change that can be inferred by studying ice-core samples. The initial activity explores student attitudes towards, ...

Teacher resource

NASA launchpad: colours of ice

This resource for educators introduces students to the topics of polarised light and birefringence. Students learn how polarisers alter light waves to produce birefringence, a process in which light moving in different directions, or polarisations, travels at different speeds within a material. They document results from ...