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Standard weight - Troy Pound, 1844

This is a Standard Troy Pound, Parliamentary Copy No. 29 of the British Standard Pound of 1844.


Standard yard, Troughton and Simms, c1856

This is a Standard Yard made by Troughton and Simms of London circa 1856. It consists of a bronze bar in a wooden case. The yard is measured between fine lines marked on a gold pin in the well at each end of the bar. It is 113 cm long, 10 cm high and 8 cm wide.

Moving Image

Monumental measurement mess ups

Did you know that in Australia we use a metric system for measurement? See if you know the units of measurement for length, mass and volume. Find out what system the United States uses. You guessed it - they don't use the metric system! See how a mix up of these units can cause all kinds of mess ups.


Imperial measuring standards - mathematics activities

The photograph shows the British Imperial Standard lengths at Greenwich, England. Not only will the actual measures shown here be unfamiliar to students, the mathematical (and particularly fractional) relationships will be a challenge to many. Teachers are encouraged to scan all the ideas suggested here as relevant to the ...


Female apprentice in the metal trades, 1967

This is a 1967 black-and-white photograph of Miss Dawn Wild, an apprentice fitter and machinist in Sydney, using a micrometer to measure a 'bush' cut by a lathe. She is wearing a hard hat and overalls and is pictured inside the factory beside the large lathe.


Melbourne children drinking milk, 1969

This is a 1969 black-and-white photograph of a crowd of schoolchildren drinking milk from small milk bottles. The children were probably on an excursion to a Melbourne milk depot.


Giant fig tree, 1884-1917

This is a black-and-white photograph from a silver gelatin dry-plate glass negative produced by the studio of Charles Kerry and Co, Sydney, and titled 'Giant Fig Tree'. The image depicts a man posing between two saddled horses in front of a giant fig tree with an extensive root structure. The caption states that the tree ...


Mixed-Up Maths

Join our host, Ed, as he finds himself in all types of situations where only his knowledge of Maths can help him. From saving the planet from Aliens, to creating a superhero that can stop a strawberry milkshake tidal wave. From searching for buried treasure, to jumping like a daredevil, or planning the greatest circus party ...


Imperial pie

This activity involves making a cake using a recipe in which the quantities of the ingredients required are measured using a variety of imperial units. To complete the recipe, students need to convert the imperial units to metric units in order to be able to use their metric measuring instruments. The activity serves to ...