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'The Heidelberg School' panel from the Federation Tapestry, 2001

This is a tapestry panel designed by artist Murray Walker. The background is white and pale pink. There are portraits of artists Tom Roberts (at left) and Arthur Streeton (at right) as young men. At left is the cover of the catalogue from the 9 x 5 Impression exhibition of 1889. At the bottom is an extract from Joseph Furphy's ...


'Early morning, Heidelberg'

This is a horizontal format oil painting, measuring 45.0 cm x 91.7 cm, by Walter Withers (1854-1914). The subject is a semi-rural landscape with buildings. It is early morning and the sun is rising from behind the viewer and shining directly onto the hat and apron of a woman standing by a fence. A scatter of chickens near ...


'The silent bush', 1939

This is a landscape painting, measuring 62.5 cm x 77.8 cm, by Lloyd Rees (1895-1988). It was painted in 1939 and shows a small section of bushland in which there is a small clearing with some rocks and a large bush. Tall slender trees stand on either side of the clearing, creating an entrance that invites the eye to pass ...


'Jazz', c1930

This is a black-and-white photograph taken around 1930 by John Kauffmann (1864-1942), measuring 22.0 cm x 31.2 cm. It captures the reflection of a timber rowboat in water - a section of the boat can be seen in the upper right corner of the image. The slight rippling of the water's surface has broken up the reflection of ...


'Golden summer, Eaglemont', 1889

This large oil painting by Arthur Streeton is of the rolling countryside along the Yarra River valley east of Heidelberg in Melbourne, looking towards the Dandenong Ranges. It depicts a late summer afternoon, so the sun casts long shadows from behind the viewer onto an expanse of dried-out pasture. On the right a magpie ...


'The opening of the first Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia by H.R.H. the Duke of Cornwall and York (later H.M. King George V), 9 May 1901', 1903

This oil painting by Tom Roberts depicts the opening of the first Parliament of Australia at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne on 9 May 1901. The bearded man in military uniform who is on the stage in the centre of the image is the Duke of Cornwall and York. Members and officers of the new parliament, and some ...


Sketch for a Tom Roberts painting

This is a black-and-white photograph of a colour oil sketch made by the celebrated Australian artist Tom Roberts (1856-1931) at the opening of the first Federal Parliament in Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Building on 9 May 1901. It shows the grandeur and formality of the scene in impressionistic style. The faces of the subjects ...


'How we lost poor Flossie'

This is a scene set in Collins Street, the most important street in Melbourne, on its smartest block, on a misty day in 1889. In a half-lit world, where horse-drawn carriages and pedestrians are constantly on the move, two dogs - a white terrier and a mongrel - exchange greetings. This small work, which measures 25.0 cm ...


'A holiday at Mentone'

This is an oil painting, measuring 46.2 cm x 60.8 cm, by the Australian Impressionist artist Charles Conder (1868-1909), which depicts the popular Melbourne bayside beach of Mentone. It is a bright spring day in 1888, and a group of people have come to promenade and relax at the seaside. A footbridge, which divides the ...


'Al fresco'

This is an oil painting on canvas of an 'al fresco' or open air informal meal. It was painted in Paris around 1904 by Australian artist E Phillips Fox (1865-1915), and measures 153.6 cm x 195.6 cm. It shows a group of adults and a young girl being served tea and cake by a maid. The model for the woman in the light-coloured ...


'A break away!'

This is an oil painting on canvas (137.3 cm x 167.8 cm) created by Tom Roberts. It depicts an outback scene in the late 19th century, set in the Riverina district of New South Wales during a drought. A mob of sheep is being moved by drovers through a parched landscape in search of water and green pastures. Smelling water, ...


'A ti-tree glade'

This is a large oil painting, measuring 170.1 cm x 138.4 cm, by Frederick McCubbin (1855-1917) - a member of the Heidelberg School of landscape artists who were active in Melbourne in the late 19th century. It shows a woman herding home a group of cows at a leisurely pace across a sunlit paddock. The action is framed by ...


'The valley', 1898

This is an 1898 landscape painting of a valley, seen in the evening, by the late 19th-century artist Sydney Long (1871-1955). It measures 91.5 cm x 61.2 cm. The viewpoint is from a hillside, looking down the valley towards a rising moon, which has just appeared over the rim of a distant mountain range. A river (the Hawkesbury ...


'At Templestowe', 1889

This is a small oil painting, measuring 25.4 cm x 40.7 cm, by Arthur Streeton (1867-1943), dated 1889. It shows a horse-drawn cart going down a dry, dusty road in the full glare of the midday sun. A figure, perhaps a child, walks behind the cart while other figures are perched on its top. In the distance, where the road ...


'Winter sunlight', 1908

This is an oil painting, measuring 50.8 cm x 76.2 cm, by Frederick McCubbin (1855-1917), dated 1908. It shows an old-fashioned backyard with an old fence that leans in all directions and a gate that appears as if it is about to fall off its hinges. A wooden barrel has been set down by the fence, possibly for a larger animal ...


Self-portrait of Grace Cossington Smith, c1951

This is a self-portrait oil painting by Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984), measuring 48.9 cm x 36.7 cm. It shows a three-quarter view of the artist's head and upper body, with the eyes angled to look at the viewer. Cossington Smith is wearing a short-sleeved orange top buttoned to the neck. She has round dark-rimmed glasses ...


'Early summer - gorse in bloom', 1888

This is a landscape painting in oils, measuring 56.2 cm x 100.6 cm, by Arthur Streeton (1867-1943), dating from 1888. It shows an almost treeless stretch of countryside on a bright sunlit day. Patches of khaki-green grass are mixed with areas of bare land, and animal tracks can be seen meandering off to the left. Isolated ...


'Alone in a shoe shop', c1896

This is a small oil painting on card made around 1896 in Tokyo by Mortimer Menpes (1855-1938). The work measures 38.1 cm x 21.6 cm and shows a child, wearing a purplish garment, sitting on a long bench. Some short horizontal brushstrokes in bright red, blue and orange can be seen in the dark area immediately behind the ...


'Image no. 53' from the series 'Untitled 1985/86', 1985-86

This is a type C colour photograph by Bill Henson (1955-) dating from 1985-86. The photograph, which measures 107.0 cm x 88.5 cm, is of an evening or night-time scene lit by moonlight shining through clouds. The horizon is set low down, which means that this vertical format image is dominated by the cloud-filled sky. A ...


'Image no. 153' from the series 'Untitled 1985/86', 1985-86

This is a type C colour photograph by Bill Henson (1955-), dating from 1985-86. The photograph, which measures 108 cm x 87 cm, is a head and shoulders portrait of a young woman. She is set against a flat blue background, with her head turned slightly away from the viewer. Her long dark hair is matted and tangled as if wet, ...