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Teacher resource

Numeracy improvement at Wallaroo Mines Primary School

This teacher resource describes strategies used in a whole-school initiative to improve numeracy outcomes in Wallaroo Mines Primary School, South Australia. The school used a coaching strategy - along with the Big Ideas in Number strategy (Siemon 2006). The strategies included diagnostic tools, teacher professional learning, ...

Teacher resource

The Hume Region Numeracy Strategy at Seymour College

This teacher resource describes strategies used to improve number fluency for Foundation to year 6 students at Seymour College, Victoria, using an approach based on the Hume Region Numeracy Strategy 2008-09. The strategies include collecting data using the Hume Numeracy Assessment Tool along with individual interviews, ...


All About Olive, 2004: Back to school

This clip shows 105-year-old Olive Riley returning to her school in Broken Hill in western New South Wales, to talk to the students. Olive recalls details of her schooldays during the early 1900s, as contemporary footage and black-and-white archival stills are shown. Olive meets the current students and regales them with ...


Bastards from the Bush, 1998: Taree High School

This clip shows footage of Taree High School in New South Wales as writer Bob Ellis provides a voice-over about poet Les Murray's early days there. Bob Ellis prompts Les Murray to recall his memories of attending the school. Murray recollects painful events such as the bullying he suffered, especially from girls, and reflects ...