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Listed under:  Science  >  Forces and energy  >  Mechanical energy  >  Motion  >  Inertia

Newton’s laws

This collection of nine digital curriculum resources examines forces and their effects. Video sequences develop the theoretical and practical aspects of Newton's three laws of motion, weight, friction, the normal force and centre of mass. Web pages provide background material as well as explaining frames of reference and ...

Interactive resource

Newton’s laws

Learn about the effect of unbalanced forces on the motion of objects. Discover why the force of friction delayed the scientific study of motion and how Galileo made an important breakthrough. View demonstrations of Newton's three laws of motion. Analyse real-life situations to find the various forces acting and their effects. ...

Interactive resource

Weight and contact forces

Learn to use your knowledge of vectors to analyse how things move on surfaces under the influence of gravity and friction. Differentiate between weight and mass. Discover the factors that influence frictional forces and why surfaces push back when they are deformed. This resource consists of a video in six sections with ...

Interactive Resource

experiMENTALS: Keys on a shoelace

This resource contains a materials and instruction list and brief explanation for students to show that keys on a shoelace can do some unexpected things.