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Relenza Zanamivir influenza drug, 2004

These are packaged doses of the Relenza Zanamivir influenza drug, with an inhaler, a white screw-cap plastic bottle and a blue-and-white cardboard storage box, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, Australia, in 2004. The bottle originally held five rotadisk blister packages of Relenza, each holding four doses of Relenza in ...

Interactive resource

Aches and pains: colds and flu

Look at how colds affect people over a week or more; two to three weeks for flu. Find out which viruses cause colds and flu, and how people develop immunity. Learn how the viruses spread, and how symptoms can be helped. Test your knowledge by answering multiple-choice questions. This learning object is one in a series of ...


Universal flu vaccine

This 12 minute video segment from Catalyst clearly explains issues associated in the current role of immunologists combating influenza viruses. It also clearly demonstrates the special issues around viruses as pathogens. It also clearly outlines the immune response to disease.