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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Animal behaviour  >  Animal feeding  >  Ingestion

Melbourne children drinking milk, 1969

This is a 1969 black-and-white photograph of a crowd of schoolchildren drinking milk from small milk bottles. The children were probably on an excursion to a Melbourne milk depot.


Lunchtime for workers around a camp fire, 1926

This is a black-and-white photograph of eight workmen in Canberra sitting around a camp fire during a lunch break; some are sitting on an old sheet of corrugated iron. They are all wearing hats and coats. A billy, enamel cups and cloth 'tucker bags' can be seen.


Good Girls Do Swallow, 2000: Weighing into the argument

This clip shows teenage girls and women discussing weight, dieting and body image. Presenter Rachael Oakes-Ash recalls her own experiences of being weighed at the beginning of each term in high school in voice-over to a re-creation of the scene. Oakes-Ash is shown talking to a group of teenage girls, most of whom admit ...

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

In digestion

Follow the passage of food through the human body. Select foods and drinks and decide how to digest them. For example, choose to chew, to add saliva to the mouth or add gastric juices to the stomach. Watch how the body reacts to changes. Find out more about digestion along the way and answer questions.

Interactive resource

Train a sumo wrestler: sports culture in Japan

Coach a trainee sumo wrestler. Explore cultural features of the sport such as arena design and match rituals. Look at sample training schedules. Arrange activities for a daily training schedule for a wrestler. Identify cultural features of the sport and items such as the referee and wrestler. Watch your trainee wrestler ...

Teacher resource

The digestive system: Connected Learning Experience

This Connected Learning Experience (CLE) explores the digestive system in higher animals. Students will learn about the role of the digestion in the context of modelling the human digestive system.