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Debney Meadows Primary School ethnographic study in the Australian Children's Folklore archive, 1984

This is a booklet called 'Play and Friendships in a Multi-cultural Playground' lying on top of handwritten observations. The observations have been dated, and are on lined white writing-pad pages. The booklet is the result of a project called Play and Friendships in a Multi-cultural Playground (an ethnographic study of ...


High-rise housing: Atherton Gardens Estate

This is an information sheet providing a history of Melbourne's slum reclamation and housing estate development in the post-Second World War era, highlighting Museum Victoria's model of the Atherton Gardens Estate in Fitzroy. It is downloadable as a two-page pdf file.


Intersection of Bridge Rd and Burnley St, Richmond, c1955

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting a view of Bridge Road, Richmond, looking west from its intersection with Burnley Street in about 1955. A street fire alarm sits in the foreground near a street-sign pole. Further back is a cast-iron postbox next to an electricity cabinet for the control ...


Doris Atkinson and children sitting on a bench in Middle Park, 1949

This is a black-and-white photograph showing Doris Atkinson with her children Joan and Geoffrey, newly arrived British immigrants, on a public bench situated near a street corner in Middle Park, Victoria. In the background is a row of brick town houses with a dairy truck parked in front.


McDonald family in front of car and terrace houses in Carlton, Melbourne, c1970

This is a colour photograph of Kathy McDonald and her children Michael, Jenny and Debbie on a street in Carlton in about 1970. This photograph was collected as part of Melbourne's Biggest Family Album in 2006.


Slum clearance, Fitzroy, Melbourne, 1967

This is a black-and-white photograph of a suburban block of houses which has been demolished. The image is titled, 'Slum clearance, Fitzroy, Melbourne to make way for new Victorian Housing Commission Development, 1967'. The photograph shows the rubble that is all that remains of the cleared housing. Some remaining buildings ...


Fitzroy terrace backyards, 1967

This is a black-and-white photograph of a row of two-storey terrace houses, seen from the rear. There are three identical stone houses, joined by common walls. Each house is small and has a compact back yard, one of which has a shed or outhouse at the rear. Another house has an extension made from more modern materials. ...


St Kilda Esplanade on Boxing Day, 1913

This clip, which is also the complete documentary, shows St Kilda Esplanade in Melbourne on Boxing Day in 1913. The camera observes people on the Esplanade relaxing on the grass outside the St Kilda Teahouse, and bathing in the sea. It also shows some of the available commercial amusements, such as the scenic railway. The ...