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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Animal behaviour  >  Animal feeding  >  Insectivores

Short-beaked echidna, 1965

This is a colour photograph of the underbelly of a female short-beaked echidna or spiny anteater, taken in 1965. It reveals the echidna's powerful front claws, distinctive spines and pouch.


A short-beaked echidna in water, 1966

This is a colour photograph, taken in 1966, of a short-beaked echidna swimming or wading through shallow water.


Echidna rolled into a defensive ball, 1965

This is a colour photograph, taken in 1965, of a short-beaked echidna which has rolled into a defensive ball. Only its spines can be seen.


Echidna the Survivor, 1995: Spike the monotreme

This clip shows an echidna foraging for food and then entering and swimming across a small stream. The narrator explains that, while the echidna spends most of its time on land, it can swim quite easily. The clip also includes commentary from biologists Peggy Rismiller and Mike McKelvey. Rismiller and McKelvey work at the ...