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Skateboard race [Windows version]

Help a teenager to fit new wheels for his skateboard. Test the strength and hardness of materials such as glass, aluminium and polyurethane. Choose the most suitable material.

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Teaching Teachers for the Future

This is a professional learning package for pre-service teachers about proficient use of Information and communication technology (ICT) in education by integration of the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) model. It offers a variety of resources in the key learning areas of English, history, maths and science ...

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Multilingual approaches to teaching and learning

A teacher in a remote Indigenous community is responsible for teaching literacy across all levels of the school. In the video she works initially with students in the kindergarten using an oral language focus. With a middle primary group she selects an integrated literacy experience. The lesson involves students reflecting ...

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Aboriginal perspectives

The teacher embeds Aboriginal perspectives into a unit of work through an investigation into the Aboriginal land management practice of fire-stick farming. The students consider the ways in which Aboriginal Australians used fire in the past and present and research the procedure of fire-stick farming. Students then demonstrate ...

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Fire stick farming

In a unit of work on farming practices, a year 4/5 teacher uses texts to encourage students to consider the ways in which fire was used by Aboriginal Australians as a technology to manage land. The teacher believes in the importance of teaching curriculum through Aboriginal perspectives and discusses the ways in which she ...