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Joe Leahy's Neighbours, 1988: 'Debate '

The clip shows a community meeting in which a Ganiga man debates with Joe Leahy about the fair allocation of profits from their shared Kaugum coffee plantation in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Highlands. After the man's initial speech referring to the 60-40 per cent split of profits, Leahy replies. There are more questions ...


Padlock and key from mental health hospital, 1859

These items are a padlock and key manufactured by Chubb and Sons Lock and Safe Co Ltd in 1859, and used in a mental health hospital in Victoria. It is part of the Psychiatric Services Collection at Museum Victoria. The padlock is 9.0 cm wide x 10.0 cm high x 3.0 cm thick.

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Air cargo scanner

Did you know that air cargo is not subjected to the same kind of scrutiny that we face? In order to redress this security problem, CSIRO scientists have developed an air cargo scanner that is capable of detecting different materials in cargo. What are some of the benefits of a scanner that can detect not just shapes and ...

Interactive resource

Plan for the party: superannuation

Choose and listen to audiovisual segments about specialised superannuation topics. Play a quiz game to test your understanding of super. Explore superannuation terminology, for example look up the meaning of 'preservation age'.


A double-decker bus advertising Liberty bonds, Sydney, 1943

This is a black-and-white photograph of a Sydney double-decker bus in March 1943. The advertisement on the bus depicts John Curtin (1885-1945), on the right, and Winston Churchill, on the left, promoting the sale of bonds in the Third Liberty Loan.


Second Victory Loan appeal postcard, 1944

This is a postal card dated 26 September 1944, reply portion attached, with a duplicated handwritten message from Prime Minister John Curtin (1885-1945) asking every Australian to contribute to the Second Victory Loan.


'Protect New Zealand'

This is a poster in four colours - yellow, black, orange and blue - produced during World War Two by the New Zealand National Savings Committee. It shows a warship at sea overlaying a map of the South Pacific, on which New Zealand is highlighted in orange. The heading reads 'PROTECT NEW ZEALAND' and text below the illustration ...


Friendly society banner, c1860

This is a banner painted by the artist Thomas Flintoff for the Ballarat 'court' of the Ancient Order of Foresters (AOF) friendly society in 1860. The banner is an oil painting on green taffeta fabric backed with cotton, and has a wide white border edged with brocade. It has 'Ancient Order of Foresters' in large lettering ...


Fourth Liberty Loan, 1943: Fourth Liberty Loan

This clip shows a black-and-white advertisement for war bonds, known as 'liberty loans', that would have been shown in cinemas during the Second World War. It dramatically re-creates a military operation at night and opens with a close-up of a soldier shouting 'fire', before cutting to a barrage of guns being discharged, ...

Teacher resource

TIMES Module 10: Number and Algebra: division of whole numbers - teacher guide

This is a 26-page guide for teachers. This module contains a description of suitable models for division, a discussion of the types of problems that require division for their solution, and mental and written strategies for division.

Teacher resource

TIMES Module 39: Number and Algebra: polynomials - teacher guide

This is a 27-page guide for teachers. This module introduces addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of polynomials. Factorisation of polynomials and the solution of polynomial equations are also discussed.

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My Korea

This is a web page produced by the Asia Education Foundation containing a series of videos showing Australians talking about their intercultural experiences working in and with Korea. These clips include interviews with people working in a variety of employment sectors such as the arts, entertainment and business. There ...


Australian Government and non-government roles in aid to Indonesia

This is a case study about the roles that Australia's government aid agencies perform in Indonesia. The resource includes an introduction and sections on roles in democracy, roles in social services, roles in security, roles in regional development and roles in humanitarian assistance. The top menu bar provides a content ...

Interactive Resource

Laptop wrap: Investing wisely

In this laptop-friendly resource, students investigate unit pricing and explore the formulae and concepts of simple and compound interest.

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Towards food security: stories from Asia and the Pacific

This is a video about how food security can be achieved in the Asia-Pacific region through wise investment in agriculture. It begins by asking whether the world's population in 2050 could be fed when today there are more hungry and malnourished people than ever before, most of them living in Asia and the Pacific. It identifies ...

Interactive Resource

MoneySmart tool and resources

This is a collection of 30 financial tools to help manage personal finances and make better financial decisions. The tools are grouped in four categories: managing my money; borrowing and credit; superannuation; and retirement. The tools comprise calculators, planners, money and mortgage health checks, apps and an online ...