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Listed under:  Arts  >  Visual arts  >  Decorative arts  >  Carving  >  Ivory carving

Whale-tooth scrimshaw showing a blindfolded horseman, 1855-65

This is a scrimshawed and partly hollowed whale's tooth, cream in colour, depicting a blindfolded horseman wearing a cape and a Macedonian helmet. It was carved by Alfred Evans in Australia between 1855 and 1856. The horseman is brandishing a sword while mounted on a raised horse. The item is 65 mm wide.


Tabua or sperm whale tooth necklace from Fiji, c1900

This is a neck ornament made from a sperm whale tooth and coconut fibre in Fiji in about 1900. The tooth is dense and heavy and partially hollowed out at the wide end. It is well polished and neatly drilled across the pointed end to provide an anchor point through which to pass the coconut fibre for the square-plaited rope ...


Two scrimshaw pieces, c1840 and c1860

These are two pieces of scrimshaw made from sperm whale teeth by unknown artists. Designs have been incised into the teeth and filled in with black and coloured inks. The piece on the right was made in around 1860 and shows a woman in a crinoline - she wears a hat and a patterned coat and dress. She stands on a decorated ...


Tabua (ceremonial whale tooth), c1800s

This tabua, a kapkap (a forehead or shoulder ornament), is a large, cream-coloured whale tooth, originating from Fiji in the 19th century. It is perforated at the tip and the base for suspension. Its suspension cord is a tight, complex plait of sennit (coconut fibre) with ornamental knots at 2-3 cm intervals. Nine ornamental ...