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Family arriving in Melbourne on Achille Lauro, Station Pier, 1968

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting a man, woman and young boy standing on Station Pier, Port Melbourne, having arrived on the ocean liner Achille Lauro. They have three suitcases and the boy has a toy helicopter set. The negative is 103 mm wide x 100 mm high.


Patricia Von Sonnewald with her dogs beside the family car at Black Rock, 1946

This is a sepia photograph of Patricia Von Sonnewald, beside the family car, with her English setter dogs at Black Rock beach, Melbourne, in 1946.


Ship at Number 8 Berth, Docklands, Melbourne, 1935

This is a sepia photograph showing a large ship moored at Number 8 Berth, Docklands, Melbourne in 1935. Industrial buildings can be seen in the background. The image is a digital scan of the original photograph.


Eddie Whiting 'dinking' two other boys on bike, Station Pier, Port Melbourne, 1935

This is a black-and-white photograph showing Eddie Whiting dinking two boys on a bike. Ron Robertson is sitting on the frame in front of him, while a small boy called Alfie Wood is clinging to Eddie's back. The photograph was taken on the wooden boardwalk at Station Pier. Behind the boys are other people walking and a wooden ...


Fashionista - Alex Perry, 2003: The fittings

This clip shows fashion designer Alex Perry being interviewed while he adjusts a wedding dress worn by a bride-to-be during a fitting in his Sydney salon. Interviewer Lee Lin Chin asks him about how he negotiates with his clients and about the fitting process. As the camera moves around Perry and the bride-to-be, the bride's ...


Fashionista - Donna-May Bolinger, 2004: Passionate about shoes

This clip shows shoe and accessory designer Donna-May Bolinger in her Sydney showroom talking about her design process with interviewer Lee Lin Chin. She tells Chin that each of her collections is inspired by a different imaginary muse. She shows Chin a slipper from about 1930 and the new shoes that the slipper inspired. ...


Fashionista - John Macarthur, 2003: 'A leftover hippy'

This clip shows knitwear specialist John Macarthur in his Sydney shop and workroom as he describes taking knitting into new, more creative directions to interviewer Lee Lin Chin. He is filmed standing in front of stacks of knitwear and then seated at his knitting machine where he talks about discovering how to use graph ...


Fashionista - Mambo, 2003: Surfie chic

This clip shows artist Robert Moore in his studio explaining to interviewer Lee Lin Chin how he began working for the surfwear company Mambo. As he talks, there is footage of him sketching cars and footage of Mambo designs, the Mambo work team and surfing. Surf music and a rhythmical music soundtrack accompany the visuals. ...


Fashionista - Naomi Goodsir, 2003: Like a bower bird

This clip shows milliner Naomi Goodsir talking to interviewer Lee Lin Chin about how she started working as a milliner and about her distinctive approach to hat construction. In her showroom she works on a hat and describes her design process. The camera ranges around the showroom, focusing on a range of Goodsir's hats. ...


Sorrento Bay steamer

This is a still image from a 1922 silent era documentary film 'Sorrento' of the attractions for visitors to Sorrento, on Port Phillip Bay approximately 30 nautical miles from Melbourne by sea and at least twice that by land. It shows a 1920s paddle steamer docking at Sorrento Bay, with passengers disembarking at the pier. ...


Farewelling the troops

This is unedited silent footage of a crowd of well-wishers, many of them in family groups, farewelling troops from Geelong wharf in Victoria during the First World War. The crowd appear to be dressed in their 'Sunday best', signifying the importance of the occasion, but also giving it a festive air. In the first and last ...


People on the foreshore at Portland

This is black-and-white silent footage from a 1927 documentary entitled 'Portland Victoria'. The footage features a slow pan that first shows a number of people on the foreshore of a beach, including children playing, and then slowly reveals the shoreline, wharves and harbour.


Children's end of Manly Beach, 1956

This is a black-and-white photograph of families playing in the surf at Manly Beach, Sydney, New South Wales, in 1956. Several young children, many of them with their parents, are playing and bodysurfing in the breaking waves.


Port Noarlunga Beach and jetty, 1964

This is a 1964 colour photograph showing the beach at Port Noarlunga, South Australia, with a group of people descending a walking track through the sand dunes down to the beach. The jetty can be seen extending out into the water.


Boats and supplies at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, 1915

This is a sepia-toned photograph of Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey taken in early June 1915. Boats and barges are moored at several temporary pontoon piers. On the shore are many soldiers, a row of guns and several barrels. The photograph measures 17.1 cm x 27.7 cm.


The 'Oronsay' sails for Europe in 1924

This is an excerpt from an item in a silent British newsreel, 'Topical Budget', made in 1924. It shows footage of the departure of the RMS 'Oronsay' from Melbourne as part of its maiden voyage. An intertitle, not included in this footage, reads: 'Huge 20,000 ton boat sails for Europe. Ocean going ship "Oronsay" leaves Melbourne ...


Onboard the 'Oronsay' in 1924

This is an excerpt from an item in a silent British newsreel, 'Topical Budget', made in 1924. It shows a scene on what appears to be the main deck of the ocean liner RMS 'Oronsay' as it leaves Melbourne. The camera pans right to survey the large number of people standing and waiting on the deck, apparently posing for the ...


Melbourne fashions during the 1956 Olympics

This is a black-and-white photograph of two women wearing evening frocks typical of those worn at social functions at the time of the 1956 Olympic Games, held in Melbourne, Victoria. The dresses both have full skirts, one reaching mid-way between knee and ankle, and the other a little lower. The dress on the right is more ...


'Departure of the last of the British troops from Victoria', 1870

This is a wood engraving by Samuel Calvert (1828-1913), measuring 21.5 cm x 35.5 cm and showing the last British troops to depart from Victoria in 1870. In the foreground a crowd of men and women watch soldiers lined up on a Melbourne wharf. There are ships on either side of the wharf, a sailing ship to the left and a steam-powered ...


'Hobson's Bay Railway Pier, Melbourne', 1878

This is a 37.2 cm x 52.5 cm sepia-toned photograph of Station Pier at Sandridge (now Port Melbourne), Victoria. About 60 people stand in the foreground looking up at what must be the photographer, Charles Nettleton, exposing his photographic plate. Various ships, some of which are steam powered, can be seen lining both ...