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Goldfields brooch, c1860

This a 19th-century goldfields brooch made of 18-carat gold and featuring a miniature gold miner with equipment that includes picks, shovels, pans, a sieve, a revolver and a bucket. The miner is surrounded by a foliate design. The brooch-maker is unknown, but the brooch has an accompanying case (not shown) labelled 'A. ...


Gold and sapphire finger ring, c1928

This is a gold finger ring featuring a yellow sapphire. The ring was manufactured by Rhoda Wager in Australia in around 1928.


Gold bracelet with Australian motifs, 1858-63

This is a gold bracelet manufactured by Hogarth, Erichsen and Co, Sydney, Australia at some stage between 1853 and 1863. The bracelet consists of a flexible band of nine jointed openwork panels decorated with Australian flora and fauna motifs. The band widens at the centre and tapers towards a fastener at each end. The ...


Gold pendant set with a semi-precious stone, c1880

This gold pendant was excavated at Casselden Place, Melbourne, in 2003. It has a floral design and is set with a semi-precious stone. It is now part of the Little Lonsdale Street archaeological collection at Museum Victoria.


Janet Templeton's pearl necklace and brooches, 1826

These are a pearl necklace and three matching brooches that belonged to Janet Templeton, an early sheep grazier in New South Wales and Victoria. The necklace has small pearls sewn onto a mother-of-pearl frame, six leaf shapes on the string and an ornate leaf-pattern centrepiece attached to a metal support. The brooches ...


Capacity of elevators - mathematics activities

The items in this collage of warning and advisory signs for lifts (elevators) come from several different countries. Apart from the simplistic comparisons of 'average' weights of people in different cultures, more sophisticated mathematics, such as using a confidence interval to ensure reasonable safety margins, can be ...


Spectators at the 1913 Hobart regatta

This is a short excerpt from a 1913 silent black-and-white newsreel, entitled 'Hobart Regatta 1913'. It shows a group of young men joking with one another on a jetty with women and children standing behind them. One child in a distinctive cap appears occasionally in the foreground peering intently towards the camera. Mount ...


Earrings for men, 1974 - asset 1

This is an excerpt taken from the beginning of an item in a black-and-white Australian Movie Magazine newsreel produced in early April 1974. It begins with a scene showing the sign 'EAR PIERCING' on a building while the commentary indicates that pierced ears are the latest fashion for men. A sequence of scenes follows in ...


Earrings for men, 1974 - asset 2

This is an excerpt taken from the middle of an item in a black-and-white Australian Movie Magazine newsreel produced in early April 1974. It shows Bruce and Walsh Diamonds, a jewellery shop in Sydney. A man is inspecting the shop's range of earrings as the commentator explains the different types of earrings available from ...


Torres Strait turtleshell pendants, c1880s

This is an image of three neck pendants made from turtleshell in the shape of fishhooks from the eastern islands of Torres Strait. They are decorated with engraved geometric designs with white ochre infill, and measure from 7.5 cm to 14.7 cm long and 6.5 cm to 8.0 cm wide. The pendants form part of the Torres Strait collection ...

Still Image

Unknown artist, 'Shell necklace', c1920

This is a shell necklace (c1920) made by an unknown Aboriginal artist from the Tasmanian region of Cape Barren Island. The necklace is shown as an enlargeable image and in a video. Text onscreen gives information about the history and importance of shell necklaces, representative of much more than simple decorative art. ...