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The Man Who Stole My Mother's Face, 2003: The rapist label

This clip shows footage of Michael, the son of the documentary's subject, Laura Henkel, and sister of the filmmaker, Cathy Henkel. In an interview, Michael denies blaming his mother for the rape she experienced as a young woman. The film then cuts to his mother, who gives her own perspective on the incident. Cutting back ...


The Gunston Tapes, 1975: The Liberal with a Labor face

This clip shows actor Garry McDonald in his role as inept interviewer Norman Gunston with a guest, former Australian Liberal prime minister John Gorton. It is an excerpt from the television series 'The Norman Gunston Show', recorded with a studio audience, and includes Gunston welcoming his guest and offering him refreshments ...

Interactive Resource

Getting ready for work

This resource contains information, activities and tasks on how to write job applications, develop your interview skills and enhance your phone application skills. It includes writing templates and proformas for students for a variety of workplace contexts. This resource supports the Australian Curriculum in English K–10.

Interactive Resource

Laptop wrap – world of work

Students prepare for work beyond school and develop an understanding of practices and behaviours that are expected in the workplace.