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Listed under:  Technologies  >  Manufacturing processes  >  Joining

A metalwork class at Molong, 1949

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in 1949 that shows a metalwork class at a school in Molong in New South Wales. The photograph shows a group of boys aged between about 12 and 13 years, and their teacher. The group is at work on a two-wheeled metal cart. In the cart on the left-hand side is a boy using a drill. ...


Building a Motor Body, c1925

This black-and-white silent clip shows processes involved in the construction of the body of a motor vehicle at Holden's Motor Body Builders at Woodville, South Australia, in about 1925. Footage includes shots of workers pressing steel panels, welding panels together and fitting them to the car frame. Fade-outs define each ...


Working at the Nissan factory, Melbourne, 1979

This is a colour photograph taken on 14 September 1979 inside the Nissan car company's manufacturing plant in the south-eastern Melbourne suburb of Clayton. It shows an unidentified male refugee from Vietnam working in the body shop, a subassembly area before parts were taken to the full assembly line. He is using an electric-powered ...


Welding the pipes, 1930s

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken in the 1930s, showing refurbishing of the pipeline that supplies water to Western Australia's eastern gold fields. One man is using an acetylene torch to weld a joint between two pipe lengths while in the background other workers are positioning lengths of pipe awaiting connection. ...


Manufacturing joint rings, c1902

This black-and-white photograph shows two men at Mephan Ferguson's pipeworks in Falkirk, a suburb of Perth now known as Maylands. The men are in the process of welding joint rings for joining pipes to be used in the Coolgardie Water Supply pipeline. One man is heating a collar of steel over an open-hearth fire while the ...


The Australian Steel Works, c1920: Steel rails

This silent black-and-white clip from the sponsored film 'The Australian Steel Works' shows some of the final steps in the production of steel rails and fishplates at the steelworks at Newcastle, New South Wales. The opening scenes show lengths of semi-finished steel rails passing backwards and forwards through a rolling ...


Women welding aircraft components, 1943

This black-and-white photograph shows two female welders, Jean Price and Lorna Hay, soldering aircraft components at the Ansett Airways workshop in Melbourne during the Second World War. Price is seated at her work while Hay stands. Both wear overalls and goggles. The components are clamped in jigs on top of the workbench ...

Moving Image

Digging up Earth's resources

Watch how resources are dug out of the ground and used in the construction of materials all around us. Discover how we rely on geology and the extraction of Earth's mineral and petrochemical products in our daily lives.