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Observing a koala

Join Don Spencer as he talks about one of Australia's most popular animals. Observe koalas as they walk, climb and jump to find food in the bush. Discover why koalas rarely drink.

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A song about koalas

Some people mistakenly call a koala a bear, but it's not. Listen to this fun song by Don Spencer to find out how a koala might feel about being called a bear.


Wildlife at Wilsons Promontory

This is an excerpt from a 10-minute silent promotional film about a camping trip to the Wilsons Promontory National Park. The first scenes, introduced by the intertitle 'Emus', show two emus grazing and then fleeing after two men on horseback and another person on foot come towards them. A second intertitle, 'A bear, carrying ...


Frontispiece from 'Blinky Bill, the quaint little Australian', 1933

This is the colour illustration that appeared on the frontispiece of Dorothy Wall's most famous book, 'Blinky Bill, the quaint little Australian', published in 1933. The illustration features Blinky Bill's christening, and shows Blinky's Bill's parents, Mr and Mrs Bear, the priest Reverend Fluffy Ears, the baby Blinky Bill, ...


Truckload of koala skins in the Clermont area, c1927

This is a black-and-white photograph of an open-sided truck typical of the time, neatly loaded with 3,600 koala ('Phascolarctos cinerus') skins, with three men standing at the front right-hand side of the truck, two of them leaning against it. The mound of skins is tied down securely and a dog stands on top of it. The men ...


Green corridors of conservation planned

This is an online article, produced in 2010 by the Australian Geographical Society, discussing government plans to create ‘green corridors’ joining up national parks and reserves with well-managed private land. The article includes the response of a range of private landcare groups to the planned initiative. Examples of ...

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Koalas and climate change

The koala population in rural NSW has been declining over the years due to drought and heatwaves. What causes some of the temperature extremes experienced in this region? Dr Mella believes koalas normally get most of the moisture they need to stay hydrated from eucalyptus leaves. What has changed in recent years that means ...