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Listed under:  Arts  >  Visual arts  >  Handicrafts  >  Textile crafts  >  Lace making

Honiton bobbin lace border, c1840-60

This is a handmade Honiton bobbin lace border featuring floral and leaf sprays with butterflies, linked by bars. The border is finished on three sides by an engrelure, possibly for use as a collar. It was manufactured in Devon, England.


Nanduti lace collar from Paraguay, c1890-1920

This is a gold keyhole-shaped nanduti lace collar, manufactured from silk in Paraguay. The collar features a design of nine wheel-like motifs with radiating star points, surrounded by an intricate knotted background and motifs featuring concentric circle patterns. The collar has a large scallop-edged border.


Lace cloak, c1860-70

This is a machine-made lace cloak, manufactured from cotton. It features a neck band with net stiffening. Floral motifs radiate up from the base with no obvious seams. The cloak was manufactured on a Leavers lace-making machine.


Lace panel by Cecilia Heffer, 2007

This is a machine-made and printed silk organza lace panel designed and made by Cecilia Heffer, Sydney. It is rectangular in shape and comprises circles of printed silk organza machine-stitched together to create a delicate openwork panel. The print depicts Australian wildflowers - banksias, flannel flowers and grevilleas.


Metallic evening cap, 1918-20

This is a close-fitting women's evening cap made in oxidised silver metallic thread. It was designed and produced in Europe about 1918-20. The tambour work is made in fine metallic thread, possibly as a chemical lace with the backing dissolved. The thread appears to have a cotton core with metallic outer strip covering. ...