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Indigenous Yarra bark canoe, c1850

This video features curator Richard Gillespie talking about the Yarra bark canoe in Museum Victoria's collection. The canoe was made in about 1850. The curator also discusses how this unique item made its way into the Museum. Still images are included in the video, and its duration is 3 min 12 sec.

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Outback House - arrival of the hawker

Imagine leaving your home to travel back over 150 years ago, to live and work on an outback farm. Sixteen Australians take part in a reality TV show about life on Oxley Downs, a sheep station built to look and work like a real station of the 1860s. Discover the treats and treasures that a hawker brings to the station. Learn ...

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Outback House - Aboriginal bush foods

Imagine leaving your home and travelling back over 150 years to live and work on an outback farm. Sixteen Australians take part in a reality TV show about life on Oxley Downs, a sheep station built to look and work like an 1860s station. Witness the excitement as two visitors from the local Wiradjuri nation arrive at the ...

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Sydney's Aboriginal rock carvings in danger, 1969

How and why do things that are precious and important sometimes get damaged or destroyed? This clip from 1969 gives us some answers. It explores what was happening to significant Aboriginal rock carvings in and around Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park in New South Wales. We see many of the carvings, and hear a museum curator ...

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Confrontation on King Island

Governor King is commander of the British settlement in Port Jackson (now Sydney). He suspects French explorer Nicolas Baudin of planning to claim a French colony in 'New Holland'. King sends a ship to race Baudin to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania). Watch this clip to find out what happens next.


Dogs that hop along on two legs?

Hear a passage from Captain James Cook's 'Endeavour' journal read aloud. This entry for 26 August 1770 includes a record of some of the animal species the British observed while they camped in the Endeavour River area. This audio clip is fifth in a series of six.


Harvests and hazards in the seas

Hear a passage from Captain James Cook's 'Endeavour' journal read aloud. This entry includes observations of the sea life that the British crew observed around the Endeavour River where they camped for seven weeks. This is the final audio clip in a series of six.


Ron Merkel discusses the native title claim process, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of former Federal Court of Australia judge Ron Merkel talking about the process required for lndigenous communities to mount native title claims. Merkel outlines the criteria for native title to be recognised by the Court. He also talks about how the native title process has involved oral ...


National parks: Uluru-Kata Tjuta

This is a colour clip showing Uluru, Kata Tjuta, the flora and fauna of the surrounding desert area and the work of Warlpiri artist and Elder Johnny Possum Tjapaltjarri. It explains how Uluru and Kata Tjuta were formed and shaped, and their significance to local Aboriginal people. The clip then turns to the desert area, ...


We of the Never Never, 1982: 'Some bush of their own'

This clip shows Jeannie Gunn (Angela Punch McGregor) and her husband Aeneas (Arthur Dignam) sitting under the stars with two stockmen (John Jarratt and Martin Vaughan) and an Aboriginal man they refer to as Goggle Eye (Donald Blintner), who sits at a distance from them as they engage in a discussion about the origin of ...


The Blainey View - Footprints, 1982: The first inhabitants

This clip shows Wandjuk Marika, artist, poet and Elder of the Yolngu people, speaking about how he and the land are closely interwoven. Over footage of a group of Indigenous people walking through the bush after a successful hunting trip, narrator Graham Kennedy describes these people's knowledge of nature and their food-gathering ...


Storm Boy, 1976: 'You run like a blackfella!'

This clip shows Mike Kingsley (Greg Rowe) meeting 'Fingerbone' Bill (David Gulpilil) in the Coorong wetlands, after Bill drives away two illegal hunters. Fingerbone Bill tells Mike 'You run like a blackfella' and dubs him 'Storm Boy'. The two trek through the wetland to see if the hunters have shot anything and discover ...


Storm Boy, 1976: 'Does this country belong to him?'

This clip shows the national park ranger with 'Storm Boy' (Greg Rowe), who has deliberately led him on a fruitless search of the wetlands for 'Fingerbone' Bill. After the ranger leaves, Storm Boy and his father, 'Hideaway' Tom Kingsley, go to Fingerbone Bill's camp to warn him that the ranger is looking for him and might ...


Pioneers of Love, 2005: Ngadjonji country

This clip shows Bill Homenko remembering his ancestors clearing sections of rainforest. Historical footage of land clearing, archival photographs of the Russian immigrants and the Indigenous Ngadjonji people, and a re-enactment of the first meeting between Ngadjonji and Europeans is accompanied by a narration. Flora Hoolihan, ...


5 Seasons, 2004: Everything has a cycle

This clip shows dramatic footage illustrating aspects of the annual five-season cycle identified by the Nunggubuyu people who live on the south-west coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria in the Northern Territory. Footage includes the Rose River in spate, a tropical storm, a dry riverbed, firestick farming, circling magpie geese ...


Trespass, 2002: 'For the whole of Australia'

This clip shows Yvonne Margarula describing in the Gundjeihmi language how her father, Toby Gangale, and other Mirarr traditional owners felt worn down by negotiations for the Ranger uranium mine on their land at Kakadu in the Northern Territory. Jacqui Katona says the Mirarr people were told they should sacrifice their ...


Bonita Mabo recalls Eddie Mabo’s land rights battle, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of Bonita Mabo, widow of Indigenous land rights activist Eddie Mabo. She recalls how her husband declared he would fight for recognition as the owner of his traditional land on Mer Island, also known as Murray Island, in the Torres Strait after learning it was officially regarded as crown ...

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Indigenous peoples: stories to unite us

This is an interactive resource exploring Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures. Learning activities are based around two picture storybooks and an audio text: 'You and me: our place', by Leonie Norrington; 'Stories from the billabong', a collection of traditional Aboriginal stories; and ...

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Twelve canoes: seasons

This is a rich resource about the seasons of the Yolngu people of north-east Arnhem Land. Its centrepiece is a short film narrated by a Yolngu storyteller describing some of the different seasons and what happens in those seasons. He explains that the seasons are not about the passing of time, but about how different things ...

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Twelve canoes: the swamp

This is a rich resource about the Arafura Swamp of north-east Arnhem Land and its Yolngu people. A short film narrated by a Yolngu storyteller describes how the swamp's people, plants and animals are interconnected, how the people take care of it and how it takes care of them. The film illustrates three contemporary issues ...