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Learning Dharug, Aboriginal language of Sydney

Imagine a time when the Aboriginal language Dharug was the official language spoken in the Sydney area. During this audio clip, reflect on how the language was considered almost 'lost', but (and) discover how Richard Green and others are piecing the Dharug language back together. Find out about how it is being taught at ...


Re-awakening Australian Aboriginal languages

Did you know that before colonisation there were about 250 distinct Aboriginal and Torres Strait lslander languages being spoken across Australia? Today, however, the majority of these languages are endangered. Listen to a number of significant Australians discussing the Aboriginal language situation in Australia today. ...


Green Tea and Cherry Ripe, 1989: Between Japan and Australia

This clip features Chiaki Foster, a Japanese 'war bride', reflecting on aspects of her life, intercut with interviews with her husband and daughter and scenes of her playing bingo. She and her husband speak with regret about the decision not to teach their children Japanese. Her daughter says that in the past her mother ...


Welsh migrant family, 1963

This is a photograph of Welsh migrants in their new home, Australia, in 1963. They are Robert and Jennie Hughs, their son Geraint, Eira Jones, who may be Jennie's mother, Jennie's sister Gwyneth Jones, and an unidentified woman. They are speaking with Maldwyn Ree, the session clerk of the Welsh Presbyterian Church in Sydney.


Vietnamese tram workers, 1979

This is a black-and-white photograph taken on 17 July 1979 at the Kew depot of the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board (MMTB), showing five MMTB employees who are posing for a photograph to accompany a magazine article. The man holding the rope leading to a trolley pole on the roof of the tram is Mr Vin Hurley, a ...


The Hillmen: A Soccer Fable, 1995: Soccer assimilation

This clip shows the coach and two players from the under-16 Clifton Hill United soccer team offering their perspectives on cultural assimilation of the different nationalities in the team. One of the boys is Greek-Australian and explains why he thinks boys who are of the same cultural backgrounds stick together.


Temple on the Hill, 1997: Christianity and intermarriage

This clip shows interviews with the Grewal family, including the eldest son Brian, his father Naseeb and his mother Herbhajan. Brian explains why he converted to Christianity from Sikhism, and how he came to meet his Anglo-Australian wife. Naseeb expresses his disappointment over Brian's decision to become a Christian. ...


Wirangu Women - Always Have, Always Will, 2006: Hunting wombat

This clip shows Wanda Miller, an Indigenous Australian woman, talking about developing materials to assist with teaching and learning the Wirangu language as part of a program of language maintenance. Wombat hunting, which is an important activity for the Wirangu people, is the subject chosen for one resource. Still pictures ...


Warren H Williams, the Stories, the Songs: What is culture?

This clip shows Warren H Williams, an Arrernte man from Hermannsburg in central Australia, explaining his idea of culture and its connection to 'home'. Williams and John Williamson play 'Raining on the Rock', one of Williamson's songs, in the central Australian landscape that is a feature of the clip. Over footage of the ...


Willigan's Fitzroy, 2000: Thirty years

This clip shows scenes of Indigenous communities in or near Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, including the Junjuwa Community Centre, men mowing grass and rubbish collection. Willigan, the local Aboriginal employment officer, describes the lack of employment opportunities, how the Community ...