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Soxhlet extractor used by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, c1920

This is a glass extractor used for the preparation of pharmaceuticals. It is a part of a Soxhlet extraction apparatus used for the extraction and purification of solids using a variety of solvents. The extraction apparatus was used by the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) Limited at Parkville in Victoria around 1920. ...


Phar Lap's skeleton

This is the skeleton of Phar Lap, the famous racehorse, which was born in New Zealand, raced mostly in Australia and died in unexplained circumstances in the United States in 1932.


WGA Holmes - Locals Cool Off at Theodore Weir, c1940: Beekeeping and making honey

This silent clip shows a beekeeper harvesting honey from commercial beehives. Footage of bees swarming around a hive is followed by a scene showing the beekeeper using a 'smoker' to blow smoke onto the bees before removing and replacing frames from a hive. The clip uses intertitles to describe 'Stripping the frames' and ...