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Teacher resource

Reading map of development

This is a description of seven phases in students’ reading development - role-play, experimental, early, transitional, conventional, proficient and accomplished - supported by suggestions for teaching and learning experiences to enhance reading development. Part of the internationally recognised ‘First Steps’ literacy program, ...

Teacher resource

Reading resource book

This is a detailed resource book that supports teachers in their teaching of reading. Part of the internationally recognised ‘First Steps’ literacy program and a companion resource for the ‘Reading map of development’, its focus is on reading processes, strategies and conventions, and the contexts associated with comprehending ...

Teacher resource

Procedural writing

Students in this Year 1 class learn about different procedural texts and the criteria for writing their own procedure. In a lesson, the students write a procedure for making fairy bread. The teacher reiterates the steps the students need to follow and relates this to a practical activity from the previous day's lesson. ...