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Listed under:  Mathematics  >  Geometry  >  Lines  >  Line segments
Teacher resource

HOTmaths: exploring kites: solution sheet

This resource provides the solutions for the tasks in the learning object 'HOTmaths: exploring kites'.

Interactive resource

EagleCat: linear graph

Explore the graphs of linear equations in the form y = mx + c. Observe changes to the gradient and y-intercept under various transformations. Alternately, change the equation and observe changes in the y-intercept or change the y-intercept and see how the equation changes.

Teacher resource

Coordinate geometry

This is a teacher resource for coordinate geometry consisting of a website and a PDF with identical content. The website contains a screencast discussing the solution of an exercise. The resource contains the distance formula; methods for finding the midpoint of two points and dividing an interval in a given ratio; determining ...

Teacher resource

Coordinate geometry

This is a website designed for both teachers and students that addresses coordinate geometry from the Australian Curriculum for year 9 students. It contains material that shows the connection between algebra and geometry through graphs of lines and curves. There are pages for both teachers and students. The student pages ...

Interactive Resource


This iPad app is a tool to create line segments, vertices and polygons using coloured bands on a pegboard. There are two board sizes - a standard 25-peg board and a 150-peg board that allows a greater number and diversity of configurations. The bands come in eight colours and the shapes created can be filled with a transparent ...