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Listed under:  Technologies  >  Materials  >  Textile fabrics  >  Linen
Listed under:  Arts  >  Visual arts  >  Art materials  >  Linen

Halfpenny token from Manchester House, 1858

This is a round copper halfpenny token, dating from 1858, that was probably made in Britain. The token features the name, location and business of the issuer, 'R.S. WATERHOUSE / MANCHESTER HOUSE / DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT'. The reverse side depicts a child suspended from a walking trainer, with the words 'FOR READY MONEY / ...


New Zealand Company flag

This is the flag of the New Zealand Company. It is made of wool bunting and linen, and measures 129.5 cm x 188 cm. It has the red St George Cross on a white background and, in the top-left corner, a smaller red St George Cross on a blue background with four white stars.


Sally Cann sampler

This is an embroidery sampler made by Sally Cann in 1853 when she was ten years old. It is made from plain woven linen embroidered in wool threads, and measures 57 cm x 60.5 cm. Depicted in the sampler in rows divided by lines of embroidery stitches are (from top to bottom) the alphabet in upper case in two different styles, ...


Carcoar Court House sampler, 1851

This is a linen sampler embroidered in silk by a young girl, Mary Ann Gorringe, in Carcoar, New South Wales, in 1851. The sampler, a square with sides measuring 53.5 cm, has been worked on a tabby weave linen in green, fawn, light-brown and dark-brown silk thread. It features a cross-stitch border of stylised green and ...


Sampler by Isabel Buist, 1839

This is a hand-embroidered needlework sampler made in 1839 by nine-year-old Isabel Buist in Tasmania (then known as Van Diemen's Land). The rectangular linen cloth is embroidered with cross-stitch in coloured cotton thread. Starting from the top, the sampler features two sets of the alphabet in grey and blue thread, the ...


Easton Pearson outfit, 2002

This is a women's linen outfit, designed and made in 2002 by Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson in Brisbane, Australia and Mumbai, India. The outfit comprises a loose-fitting linen smock with lace-edged sleeves, bangle pant, batik hip wrap and lace overskirt.