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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Living things  >  Eukaryotes  >  Animals  >  Invertebrates  >  Arthropods  >  Crustaceans  >  Decapods  >  Lobsters

Large rock lobster

This image is a colour photograph of a rock lobster found in New Zealand. It is commonly referred to as a spiny lobster or crayfish. The lobster has two small eyes, ten legs and two long antennae. Its carapace is mainly orange, with patches of dark spots on its legs. The lobster is resting on a rocky seabed, surrounded ...


Lobster tales, 1998: Life stages of the lobster

This clip shows a female western rock lobster cleaning her eggs while contending with the parasites and barnacles that cover her shell. When the eggs have hatched, the larvae emerge. They swim to the surface current and are swept hundreds of kilometres out to sea. Those that survive return over a year later as juvenile lobsters.


Lobster tales, 1998: Octopuses also enjoy fresh lobster

This clip shows lobsters trapped in a lobster pot under the ocean as a large octopus slowly approaches. The octopus climbs into the pot and smothers one of the trapped lobsters, injecting it with an enzyme to soften its flesh, which the octopus then sucks up through its beak. Fishers haul up the pot to find an empty lobster ...

Moving Image

Finding farms: producer video

This is a video about how lobsters are harvested and processed in South Australia for live export to China. In the first part of the video, Mark Denton, a professional rock lobster fisherman describes how the sustainability of the lobster fishery is ensured; compares and contrasts his work with farming any other form of ...

Moving Image

Exploring the production and marketing of seafood: producer video

This is a video about how wild-caught lobsters are processed for export and barramundi are farmed in two South Australian businesses. The first part is presented by Andrew Laurie, the owner of Sky Seafoods, who shows the work of the lobster fishermen who supply him and how the lobsters are processed. He describes how sustainability ...