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Voting: choosing your parliamentary representatives - unit of work

This is a unit of work about the democratic process of voting to elect representatives. The unit includes four main activities in which students in groups work through scenarios where decisions are required and representatives need to be chosen. The groups also research and discuss concepts including secret ballot, compulsory ...


The Australian Parliament

This website resource is a teacher reference about the Australian Parliament, its constituent parts and how it works. It describes in general terms the movement towards Federation then looks at the symbols and emblems subsequently adopted by the Commonwealth of Australia. The resource includes a list of the democratic rights ...


Enid Lyons, 1939

This is a black-and-white photographic portrait showing Dame Enid Lyons in the year her husband, prime minister Joseph Lyons, died. At the time this photograph was taken she was 42 years old. She is wearing a formal dark-coloured top with a starched white collar, and her hair is brushed with two small curls on either side. ...


Opening of Parliament House, Canberra, 1927 - asset 1

This is a photograph taken during the opening of Parliament House (now Old Parliament House) in Canberra on 9 May 1927. Dame Nellie Melba, the famous Australian opera singer, is shown singing the national anthem, 'God save the King', at the far left. Next to her are the Australian Prime Minister, Stanley Bruce, and his ...


State, territory and Australian parliaments

This website is about the parliaments of the states and territories of Australia, as well as the Australian Parliament. It describes the different origins of the colonies and their movement to self-government during the 19th century, and subsequent federation into one nation in 1901. The resource describes the structures, ...

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House of Representatives and the Senate - unit of work

This is a unit of work about the roles of the House of Representatives and the Senate in the Australian Parliament. Intended for lower secondary students, the unit is organised around two activities. The first focuses on the House of Representatives as the 'people's house' and the Senate as the 'states' house' or 'house ...

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Passing a bill in parliament

How is a law made by an Australian parliament? This analogy of a battle plan and General Bill demonstrates the process of a political bill passing through the two houses of parliament on its journey to being made law.

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Balance of power

Who decides what laws will be passed in Australia's parliament? See what can happen when a small number of politicians hold the balance of power. Find out how larger political parties have to convince independent politicians and members of minor parties to join their side to either support or object to a bill.