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Listed under:  Health  >  Safety  >  Man-made disasters
Interactive resource

Mine rescue

Rescue three miners trapped by fire. Select and test gases to find out which gas will put out the fire and which gas the miners can breathe.


Green Tea and Cherry Ripe, 1989: The horrors of Hiroshima

This clip from 1989 shows Masako Clarke recounting her experience of seeing the atomic bomb exploding over Hiroshima as she was leaving the city on a train, and returning to the city a week later. As she talks about seeing survivors, the camera switches from her face to show close-up images of flowers, including dahlias ...


A Hard Rain, 2007: Internal radiation

This clip shows English scientist Dr Chris Busby describing the health effects of internal radiation as compared to those of external radiation in terms of nuclear energy dose, interspersed with archival footage, graphic animation and voice-over commentary. Footage of the Japanese atomic bombings shows the effects of external ...


Use of the atomic bomb in World War II

This is a collection of seven digital curriculum resources about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and its horrific aftermath. The collection is organised into three categories - images of the bombing; survivors' testimonies; and witnesses to the devastation. The collection includes archival footage, video footage of ...


Memory Cove memorial plaque, 1802

This is the remains of the copper plaque Matthew Flinders placed at Memory Cove, near Port Lincoln, in South Australia after eight of his crew drowned there in 1802. The plaque is part of South Australia's Historical Relics Collection and is one of Australia's first non-Indigenous memorials. The plaque measures 36 cm x 32 cm.


Midwives ... Lullabies ... and Mother Earth, 1993: Midwives turned into witches

This clip shows natural birth pioneer Dr Michel Odent explaining his view about the adverse changes that occurred in the birthing process during the 17th century when doctors became involved. Footage of Dr Odent is interspersed with a series of woodcuts showing women in various birthing positions. A female voice-over narrates ...

Teacher resource

Disaster preparedness

This is a compilation of four teaching sequences about disasters and disaster preparation. It includes sections on types of disasters; their effects on people and the environment; disaster preparation; earthquake preparedness in Indonesia; emergency response; disaster recovery and the causes and consequences of disasters. ...

Moving Image

Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub: Australian disasters

This is a curated collection of articles, photographs and internet links related to natural, technological and human-caused events including bushfires, cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes, shipwrecks, urban fires, chemical and industrial events in Australia. Events included have posed a serious threat to a community or property ...