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Rise of a media mogul: Rupert Murdoch, 1967

What does it take to become a media mogul? The name of Rupert Murdoch, one of Australia's most successful businesspeople, has been a significant feature of the media industry since the early 1950s. In this clip, listen to Murdoch explain his plans to expand his media holdings across Australia and see how he was perceived ...

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Using persuasive techniques in writing

Faced with an issue you feel strongly about, how might you convince others to share your viewpoint? Writing persuasively is an important skill. Based on a clip from Q&A, this exercise will assist you in constructing a persuasive text on a complex issue: newspaper ownership in Australia.


Melbourne Today, 1931: Melbourne city

This clip shows the city of Melbourne in 1931 and is from a black-and-white travelogue made by Frank Thring senior as part of his 'Cities of the Empire' series. The clip begins with a panoramic view from the Morehouse Tower of St Paul's Cathedral looking south over the Yarra River, followed by a tracking shot of St Kilda ...

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Democracy and the media - a unit of work

This unit of work for middle and upper secondary students explores the role of the media in democratic societies and examines some of the limitations on free speech and freedom of the press. Through five activities students are challenged to think about the relationships between democracy and the media, media ownership ...

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Hands and feet

In this mathematics activity students collect and investigate the two sets of data, right-handedness and foot size. They investigate the question 'Do right-handed people have bigger left feet?' Students will work in groups to make conjectures, plan their investigation, collect data and present their findings in the form ...


Surveying Snowy Mountains Scheme dam, 1949

This is a black-and-white photograph of two men surveying the site of the Eucumbene Dam, a valley near Adaminaby, New South Wales. A surveyor is taking notes beside a tripod and theodolite (an instrument used by a surveyor to measure angles), while another man is holding a stadia rod (a graduated vertical rod used to find ...


Touring possible sites for the federal capital, 1902

This is a black-and-white photograph, measuring 18.8 cm x 24.0 cm, taken in 1902 during a tour of inspection by senators from the Federal Parliament of possible sites for the proposed federal capital. Having alighted from a horse-drawn stage coach, five members of the party en route to Tumut, New South Wales, are standing ...


'Discussing the site at Tumut', 1902

This is a black-and-white photograph, measuring 18.4 cm x 24.0 cm, taken in 1902 during a tour of inspection by senators from the Federal Parliament of possible sites for the proposed federal capital. Senators and local dignitaries are posing in groups on a hillside, ostensibly discussing the merits of a site at Tumut in ...


John Forrest's 1874 expedition

This is a 52.5 cm x 69 cm, black-and-white photoengraving, of John and Alexander Forrest, James Sweeney, James Kennedy, Tommy Windich and Tommy Pierre with their horses after crossing the Great Victoria Desert in 1874. On the far right is the Overland Telegraph Line, about 120 kilometres north of Coober Pedy in South Australia. ...


'First view of the salt desert - called Lake Torrens'

This is an 1843 watercolour painting that shows a lone horseman, possibly the artist, E C Frome (1802-90), looking though a telescope at a salt lake, now called Lake Frome. This was one of a circle of vast salt lakes that, for many years, blocked the path of explorers trying to find a way to the centre of the continent. ...


Poeppel's corner post, 1880

This is a wooden post, 1.43 m high and with a circumference of 0.675 m, that was used to mark the junction of South Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland in the Simpson Desert. The image shows the South Australian side of the post. There is a small metal plaque at the top of the post on which is the name 'POEPPEL'S ...


Dynasties - The Murdochs, 2001: Taking on New York

This clip shows Ed Koch, the former mayor of New York, claiming that he was elected mayor in 1977 because media baron Rupert Murdoch supported his candidature through the 'New York Post'. Koch, a rank outsider, tells how Murdoch held a conference during which he interviewed all the candidates running for mayor and asked ...


Cricket in Australia: The pyjama game

This clip shows excerpts from an interview with former Australian Test cricket captain Ian Chappell about the beginnings of World Series Cricket (WSC). The interview is intercut with archival footage of the first night-time limited-overs match at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) in November 1978.


'Pacific Ocean, a native canoe meeting strangers off the Murray Islands', 1845

This is a watercolour by Edwin Augustus Porcher showing about 15 people in a large canoe that is powered by oars and two sails. The people are hailing or pointing at two Royal Navy vessels in the eastern Torres Strait near the Murray Islands. The title of the watercolour comes from an inscription on the mount. The work ...


'Portrait of John Forrest, explorer of Western Australia', 1874

This is a black-and-white photographic portrait of the Western Australian surveyor and explorer John Forrest holding a rifle, dressed in the clothes he wore in the field, shown against a painted backdrop. The photograph measures 18.7 cm x 13.0 cm on a mount measuring 29.6 cm x 21.8 cm and its title comes from an inscription ...