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Pseudofossils: concretions and dendrites

This is an information sheet providing an introduction to different varieties of rocks and minerals that might be mistaken for fossils. It is also available as a two-page pdf file for download.


Fruitcake mining

This is an activity sheet providing instructions for a simulated mining experiment using pieces of fruitcake. Students use various tools to remove different fruits, each representing different minerals, from a piece of fruitcake which represents the mine site. They are then required to rehabilitate the 'mine site'. The ...


Copper processing

Find out how copper ore is extracted and turned into copper metal. This is a PowerPoint presentation showing the properties, uses and extraction of copper. It includes details of the mining and processing of copper ore, as well as smelting, converting and refining to produce copper metal. Most slides contain photographs ...


Mineral exploration

Find out how scientists discover and investigate new mineral deposits. This is a PowerPoint presentation introducing the scientists, techniques, procedures and issues involved in exploring for minerals, with particular emphasis on Queensland. Most slides include images, maps or graphs. Teachers' notes are included.


Uses of mineral sands

Find out what minerals can be found in beach sands and why they are important to us. This is a PowerPoint presentation about sand minerals and the products derived from them. It deals with the origin and deposition of the mineral deposits, the properties of the minerals zircon, rutile and ilmenite and their uses as well ...

Interactive Resource

Copper processing

This interactive activity allows students to explore the processes involved in the mining and processing of copper ore and the production of copper. Students initially put the processes in the correct sequence and then select each stage to animate it and access relevant information. The smelting stage includes an activity ...

Moving Image

A career as a geologist

Do all scientists wear white lab coats and work with chemicals? Watch this clip and discover how a career in science can take you soaring to dizzying heights. Find out what an exploration geologist does and why helicopters are used in the job. This clip will inspire you to consider a career in one of the many varied fields ...

Moving Image

How metamorphic rocks are formed

Imagine the forces required to change one type of rock into another type. Listen to presenter, Bernie Hobbs, explain the forces that transform sedimentary rocks to metamorphic rocks. She visits the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) to demonstrate how limestone can be transformed into its matching ...

Teacher resource

Secondary science: visual representations

These seven learning activities, which focus on 'visual representations' using a variety of tools (software) and devices (hardware), illustrate the ways in which content, pedagogy and technology can be successfully and effectively integrated in order to promote learning. In the activities, teachers assist students to understand ...

Interactive resource

Down to Earth: rock back in time

Choose a rock sample and find out how it was formed millions of years ago. For example, see how coal was formed in a swampy forest. Explore the Earth’s surface at the time when the rock formed. Look at maps, landscapes, living things and environments. Compare temperatures and sea levels with those of today. Explore how ...

Assessment resource

Shaping the land: real landforms: assessment

Test your understanding of geological events that interact to form and reshape the Earth’s crust. Create the correct sequence of events to match an example cross-section of the Earth. Answer multiple-choice questions to show what you know about geological events. View and print a report on your work. This assessment object ...

Assessment resource

Shaping the land: model landforms: assessment

Test your understanding of how landforms are shaped over time. Apply geological forces: deposition of sediments, folding, faulting, igneous intrusions and erosion. Work out a sequence of geological events to match example landforms. View and print a report on your work. This assessment object is one in a series of two objects.

Teacher resource

A bridge across a century - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea explains how students investigated the iconic nature of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the story behind its construction and the events surrounding its dramatic opening. The story of the bridge is a central focus for an exploration of life in Australia during the 1930s. It includes a unit of work developed ...


Oil tank in Darwin burning after Japanese attack, 1943

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken in Darwin on 15 March 1943, showing an oil tank burning fiercely after being bombed during a Japanese air raid. Large clouds of black smoke billow up from the burning tank. In the foreground a group of seven Australian military personnel are bunched behind an asbestos shield to ...


Australian flag from World Trade Center in New York, 11 September 2001

This is an Australian flag with stains, rips and burns, recovered from the site of terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on 11 September 2001. It measures 120 cm high x 178 cm wide.


Anthem - An Act of Sedition, 2004: MV Tampa and September 11

This clip presents an interpretation of the Howard government's response to the arrival of refugees in Australian waters on the MV Tampa in August 2001. The narration states that John Howard had often used scare tactics for his political advantage and that the refugees were now to be used in a 'race election'. Views defending ...


The Old Man and the Inland Sea, 2005: 'Had a car'

This clip shows Norman Hayes Jagamarra driving through the country around Coober Pedy, recalling when he and the old people hunted kangaroo and searched for opal, a time he describes as being 'before grog'. A long tracking shot of the township of Coober Pedy filmed from a moving car has a voice-over of Jagamarra talking ...


The Old Man and the Inland Sea, 2005: 'I'm telling you the law'

This clip shows Norman Hayes Jagamarra walking through the mullocks of the opal mines around Coober Pedy talking about how he and the old people used to search for opal, and how many 'whitefellas are getting greedy' and taking too much opal. The mined landscape is shown, including a working noodling machine. Jagamarra uses ...


Mineral resources

This collection of 20 digital curriculum resources contains four sections: minerals and their uses; mineral exploration; mining; and mineral processing. It includes learning objects, videos, PowerPoint presentations and worksheets for practical activities exploring all aspects of the minerals industry and the importance ...


The death of Captain Cook

This is a hand-coloured engraving of Captain James Cook's death in February 1779. It was created by John Webber (1751-93) in 1785. It depicts a crowded battle scene at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, with palm trees and mountains in the background. Cook has fallen to the beach and is firing on his attackers while a Hawaiian warrior ...