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Is Big Brother watching you shop?

Should data from your phone be available to help retailers provide shoppers with a better experience? Mobile phone data about our movements and shopping habits can be gathered by companies and on-sold to retailers. As the tracking technology continues to roll out, some people are questioning its legality.


Mobile phone costs

Have you ever been shocked at your mobile phone bill? If you're not careful mobile phones can end up costing you big bucks. Listen to Natasha Thiele explain the hidden costs of SMS alerts and downloading ringtones and games. This clip provides a context for simple rate calculations.


iArt: photography on our mobile phones

What is a 'mobile phone artist'? It is becoming more common for art galleries to hold exhibitions of photography taken exclusively with a mobile phone. In this clip, this emerging trend in the art world and on the internet is considered.


MoneySmart: calls, messaging and browsing

This is an activity about managing a prepaid mobile phone plan. It contains six sliders allowing users to estimate the number of contacts they have on the same network, and adjust the number of calls, SMS messages and voicemails they make, websites they visit, and apps, games, videos and so on that they download or upload. ...


MoneySmart: Rookie: shopping for a mobile

This is a role-play activity about making choices to buy a mobile phone and seek consumer redress when the phone fails to meet stated expectations. The character's first independent choice is the colour of the phone. Then she is given choices about what to do when the phone in the box is the wrong colour and when she can't ...


Lights, smartphone, action!

Smartphones are everywhere - and you can use them to make all sorts of creative video content. Watch this clip and learn some simple tricks from ABC Open's Dan Battley. You'll be capturing great footage and making excellent videos in no time! Before you start recording, Dan has these tips: • Check you have enough phone ...