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Alphabet tricks and mysteries

The adventures of the Word Squad detectives, Charlie Syntax and Inspector Lexicon, continue. Ian, the magician, performs a trick with alphabet cards and a singer performs an alphabet song. These clues help the detectives solve the stolen letter mystery. Can they stop the thief in time?

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The case of the stolen letters

Join Word Squad detectives Charlie Syntax and Inspector Lexicon as they try to catch a letter thief. Mr X has been stealing letters from signs around the city. In this clip you'll see which letters have already gone and watch some letters going. Can you guess which letter will go next or work out where Charlie goes?

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Play inside the letter W

Join our two friends as they discover a wand in the woods and use it to make wishes. Guess what they wish for. Here's a clue - everything they wish for starts with the letter 'w'.

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Population modeller: seagrass

Use this tool to model what happens to the populations of a seagrass ecosystem over time when one component of the ecosystem is increased or decreased. Record both your ideas and the results you observe.

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Dressing up [Italian]

Explore clothes worn in Italy to school, for skiing or for carnival time. Identify clothing items suitable for each activity. Follow instructions to dress a boy or girl. This learning object is a combination of three objects in the same series.

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Dressing up: carnevale [Italian]

Explore clothes worn in Italy for different activities and identify clothing items suitable for carnival time. Follow instructions to dress a boy or girl. This learning object is one in a series of three objects. The series is also packaged as a combined learning object.


Naming the nation's capital, 1913

This is an official government document concerning suggestions from members of the House of Representatives for a name for Australia's new federal capital. There are four columns headed 'No.', 'Name', 'Date' and 'Suggestion'. The document is titled 'SUGGESTED NAMES FOR FEDERAL CAPITAL CITY / FROM MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT'. ...

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The me generation - unit of work

In this unit of work students explore what it means to be part of the 'me generation' through looking at identity, what defines the 'me generation', the influence of the media, advertising, new technology and social and political issues that are considered personally relevant. Students compare these influences and issues ...


Dugong and whale distributions off Australia's coast: dataset

This is a map that provides a visual representation of the distribution of dugongs and several species of whales in the waters off the coast of Australia. The map shows the migration paths, breeding and resting areas of whales, as well as the density of dugong populations. A blue scale indicates the bathymetry (depth) of ...


Chief mourner's costume

This is a mourning costume worn in the Society Islands (French Polynesia) in the late 1700s. It consists of an apron and a mask. It is made from pearl shell, wood and feathers, and was collected from the islands during Captain James Cook's second voyage into the Pacific.


Murray Island mask

This is a mask of a triangular, bearded face wearing a European-style hat. It measures 37.4 cm x 35.5 cm x 43 cm and is made of turtle shell, sennit (plaited coconut fibre), shells and feathers. The face has inlaid pearl-shell eyes (one is missing), slits underneath the eyes and a slit mouth. The long, hooked nose is made ...


Pare 'eva (festival mask), c1906

This is a conical mask created in the Cook Islands in about 1906. The mask is constructed of tapa (barkcloth) over a light cane frame. A pole extends above the tip of the cone and is decorated with fibres and feathers. The eyes and mouth are cut out, and the tapa is hand-painted with black designs. Lines around the eyes ...

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High-frequency words

Here an expert literacy practitioner works with a prep class at Wyndham Park Primary School. She uses a reading workshop to model the teaching of high-frequency words. A number of teaching strategies and resources are used including whole class teaching using a Big Book. She models the benefits of working with small groups ...

Interactive Resource

Phonics Fun 4 - iTunes app

Learn letter sounds and rime as you tap pictures and hear letter sounds. Match the letters and sounds to the pictures. Covers 9 letter sounds (a, e, i, o, u, qu, sh, z, v), 5 rimes (ip, ot, x, at, un) in 75 words. Free when reviewed 6/6/15.

Interactive Resource

Sight Words by Little Speller - iTunes app

Learn to recognise and spell words on the Dolsch list (the 220 most common English words) by dragging letters to make the word shown. Tap the letters to hear their sound. You can also record your own voice saying the letters. Free when reviewed 7/6/15.