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Listed under:  Arts  >  Music  >  Musical elements  >  Musical notation

Sheet music cover for 'Bottle-O', 1910s

This is the front cover of the music score for the song 'Bottle-O'. The cover states that the song was 'specially featured by Jack Hagan in Wm Anderson's pantomime “The Babes in the Wood”' and was composed by Ella Ogilvy. The cover features a line drawing of a bottle with a photograph of Jack Hagan on it and also includes ...


Sheet music cover for 'Women! You Have Nobly Done Your Share', 1917

This is the front cover of the music score for the song 'Women! You Have Nobly Done Your Share', with words by Private Harley Cohen and music by Marsh Little. The cover has the words 'Dedicated by Permission to Her Excellency Lady Helen Munro Ferguson and a Tribute to the Women of the Empire', and a quote of unknown provenance: ...


Sheet music cover for 'The Man in the Signal Box'

This is the front cover for the music score of the song 'The Man in the Signal Box', with words by Nugent and O'Neil and music by Joe Slater. The cover includes the lyrics from the refrain and has an illustration showing a man in a signal box pulling a lever as a train approaches on the railway line at night time. The three-page ...


'Heroes of the mine', c1912

This is the cover of a booklet of sheet music containing the song 'Heroes of the mine' and showing photographs from the Mount Lyell mine disaster.

Interactive resource

Zou ba! Sports: tickets to a soccer match

Watch two friends arranging to see a soccer match, buying tickets and reviewing the game scores. Answer a series of questions. This learning object is one in a series of four objects.


'Banish the budget blues' sheet music cover, 1930

This is the front cover of the song sheet for 'Banish the budget blues' by Jack Lumsdaine, printed in blue, red and pink and priced at 2 two shillings. An article from The Daily Guardian is used as an image. The headlines are partly obscured, but relate to taxation issues. They are: 'Tariff is more than ...', 'Huge increases ...


Sheet music cover for the 'Aeroplane Jelly song'

This is an image of the front cover of the sheet music for the 'Aeroplane Jelly song' with a photograph of the composer, Albert Lenertz (1891-1943), wearing evening dress. The sheet music was produced by the Aeroplane Jelly Company in 1930.


Sheet music cover for 'Columbia! Welcome!', 1908

This is the front cover of the music score for the song 'Columbia! Welcome! A Song of Greeting to the American Fleet', composed by Montague B Younger. The cover shows a line drawing of a US Navy warship, with the Australian and American flags behind. The three-page booklet was published in Sydney by W H Paling and Company in 1908.


Sheet music cover for 'Hurrah for the bat and ball', 1896

This is the cover of the score (sheet music) for the song 'Hurrah for the bat and ball', featuring a photograph of a cricket team. As well as the title, the words 'THE UNIVERSAL CRICKET SONG' and 'WRITTEN AND COMPOSED BY WARREN RUSSELL' are displayed prominently. In smaller text the words 'DEDICATED TO THE AUSTRALIAN TEAM ...


Sheet music cover for 'Australia draws her maiden sword', 1885

This is the damaged front cover of a three-page score for the song 'Australia Draws her Maiden Sword'. It depicts Australia as a maiden drawing her long sword and preparing for imminent conflict. Behind her, troops are shown marching out of their encampment. On the bottom of the cover in copperplate are the words 'WRITTEN ...


Needle lace flounce, c1720

This is a unit of white, linen needle lace flounce made in the 'bizarre' style by an unknown maker in France, in about 1720. Measuring 22.8 cm wide by 31.75 cm deep, the item consists of bands of stylised floriate designs composed of floral-edged 'C' scrolls, elongated trumpet flowers (daffodils and Gillie flower), small-petalled ...


'Arrested phrase from Haydn Trio in orange-red minor', 1919-35

This abstract oil painting by Roy de Maistre has 14 vertical columns in purple, blue, red and green. Some of the columns are divided in two for part of their length. Rising across the columns from left to right (a few slant the other way and one is horizontal) are short diamond-shaped bands in other colours, and cutting ...

Teacher resource

Compose yourself

This is a resource of 15 lessons that focuses on learning to read and compose music using music notation software. Each lesson contains a video which presents lessons on music notation and up to three guided student exercises using music notation software. The resource includes lesson plans that incorporate extension activities ...

Teacher resource

Compose some more

This is a resource of 14 lessons that extend learning on reading and composing music using music notation software. Each lesson contains a video presenting lessons on music notation, and guided student exercises using music notation software. The complete resource is supported by manuscript templates, and lesson plans that ...

Teacher resource

Angklung music

This is an online module consisting of teacher notes, three stimulus resources and student activities that explore Angklung music and performances. The teacher notes provide background information about the elements of Angklung performance, additional online resources and pedagogical advice. The stimulus resources consist ...

Teacher resource

Arts-POP: music

This is a unit containing material to help teachers plan, implement and assess a music program called 'African drumming: making and responding to rhythms, notation and compositions' for upper primary. It describes a music program implemented in a year 6 class that engaged students in learning about rhythmic notation, composing ...

Teacher resource

Arts-POP: arts packages of practice

This website provides infrastructure and material to support teachers in the classroom teaching of the arts curriculum in primary school. It contains units in all the arts subjects: Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts; and each of these units has a selection of supportive material that may include demonstration ...

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Beethoven Allegretto

This set of resources explores beat and rhythm, melody, instruments, texture and structure. They focus on the Allegretto movement from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 in A Major Op. 92. A video features conductor Richard Gill AO with musicians of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra explaining how Beethoven built this iconic Allegretto ...

Teacher resource

TrackSAFE Education Primary School Resources: Year 3, Year 4 The Arts

This unit uses various arts practices as the stimuli for exploring the safety message of Stop, Look, Listen, Think. Students create woven artworks to incorporate safety messages; they collaboratively develop a play about safety; and explore rap as a music form and combined with dance convey a safety message in a performance.

Teacher resource

Arranging as inspired by Lisa Cheney and Liszt Nuages Gris

This set of resources focuses on arranging music. Students listen to and analyse Nuages Gris, a piano piece by Franz Liszt, as arranged for orchestra by Lisa Cheney, then create and perform their own arrangement. A video features conductor Richard Gill AO exploring extended techniques in music with musicians of the Tasmanian ...