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The nature of fear

What do you think makes a monster truly frightening? What inhabits your nightmares? In this clip, discover how traditional monsters such as the vampire have evolved over time and what this suggests about our perception of evil.

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Stories that bite: our fascination with vampires

From medieval folklore to multiplex cinemas, few monsters capture our imaginations as vampires do. Why is it that we have such a morbid fascination with the undead? Not all vampires are the same, though. In this clip, explore some of the explanations for the changing nature of vampires in literature.

Teacher resource

A flight of fantasy - unit of work

In this unit of work, students explore the fantasy genre by examining a series of titles by Anna and Barbara Fienberg. They dramatise the thoughts and feelings of the characters through simple drama activities and develop their narrative writing skills through a focus on descriptive and figurative language. The unit is ...

Teacher resource

Blast off! Life in space - teacher resource

This teacher resource is a comprehensive sequence of teacher ideas and student activities that support the arts curriculum in drama and dance, using ideas about space exploration, the universe and the life of an astronaut as stimulus. It includes a link to the video 'Blast off with NASA astronaut Rex Walheim'. This video ...

Assessment resource

Manga maker: samurai: assessment

Test your understanding of how text, onomatopoeia and visual elements fit together to create a manga called 'Samurai'. Play the role of a new employee in a manga design studio. Explore elements of manga comics such as story-lines, characters, colours, text and bubbles. Then choose the dialogue and 'sound words' to complete ...

Teacher resource

Using 'The Scottish play' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea includes reflections following the teaching of R11559 'The Scottish play - unit of work'. Students are introduced to Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' and explore its historical context, plot and themes through drama-based activities.

Teacher resource

Using 'Something wicked' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea is about teaching R11558 'Something wicked - unit of work' to a year 10 class. The teacher describes how she taught Shakespeare's Macbeth in a year 10 multi-level ESL classroom by incorporating cultural perspectives and using drama activities and multimedia to inspire and motivate students.


Warner's rust-proof corsets advertisement, c1910

This is a segment from a film compilation, made by the National Film and Sound Archive, of a series of silent black-and-white advertisements, most of them from about 1910. The segment shows an animated advertisement in which a small girl, playing in the bathroom, takes her mother's corset from behind the door and puts it ...


Young girls dressed as fairies, 1939

This is a black-and-white photograph of six young girls dressed as fairies. They are standing in line in a garden constructed especially for Adelaide's Flower Day, 1939. The girls are wearing white tutus with wings attached to their backs, and white ballet shoes with short white socks. Surrounding them are pot plants, two ...


Midwives ... Lullabies ... and Mother Earth, 1993: Midwives turned into witches

This clip shows natural birth pioneer Dr Michel Odent explaining his view about the adverse changes that occurred in the birthing process during the 17th century when doctors became involved. Footage of Dr Odent is interspersed with a series of woodcuts showing women in various birthing positions. A female voice-over narrates ...


Ocean Girl, 1995: 'The fate of a whole universe ...'

This clip shows members of the ORCA underwater research station and Neri, the heroine of the 'Ocean Girl' children's television series, watching a hologram of her dead father as he explains the failure of his party's mission to Earth, the powers she possesses and the need for her to swear to complete their ecological mission. ...

Interactive Resource

Games for kids

This website resource contains a series of thirteen 'games for kids'. Each game is interactive and encourages users to create artworks through a variety of techniques and across a variety of online mediums. The games are called: History is made at night, Persian for kids, Pepe's great escape, Spanish still life, Matisse: ...

Interactive Resource

The Curators Table

This is a web-based and iPad compatible resource aligned with Years 6 and 9 Australian Curriculum (AC): History; it encourages students to think and act like historians. Primary and secondary sources - such as posters, video and personal letters – as well as a chronology have been brought together to support learning about ...

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Mysterious, colourful lights above storm clouds aren’t exactly lightning

When it comes to massive thunderstorms, are you the kind of person who loves to watch the lightning flash down from the clouds? It’s a pretty spectacular sight. Did you know there is a whole other lightshow happening above the clouds? This electromagnetic activity has only recently been discovered, so it’s still pretty ...

Teacher resource

Using 'You say data, I say data' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea comments on the experiences of teaching R11452 'You say data (pronounced day-ta), I say data (pronounced dar-ta) - unit of work' to a year 6 class. The unit investigates different types of graphs and promotes students' skills and understandings in collecting, interpreting, evaluating and representing data.

Teacher resource

'If we shadows have offended ...' - unit of work

This unit focuses on the practical, fully realised theatrical discovery of Shakespeare’s comedy 'A midsummer night’s dream'. Through a range of reading, writing and workshop opportunities, students explore the language, structure, story and presentational performance techniques of the Bard’s magical script, before trying ...

Teacher resource

Using 'Letter planet' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea provides video footage of students using an interactive digital resource L7855 'Letter planet: sh, ch, th' to develop their language skills. It describes and provides access to the digital resource used in the classroom, along with other relevant resources.

Teacher resource

Introducing the topic of immigration - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea contains video footage showing how a teacher introduces the topic of immigration to Australia with her year 3-4 class. Students view a re-enactment of a migrant's journey to Australia and discuss the different messages it conveys. The Teacher idea also describes and provides access to the digital resource ...

Teacher resource

Anzac influence on Australian identity - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea includes video footage showing the way a teacher integrates digital curriculum resources into a year 9–10 study of how the First World War helped shape Australia's identity. It describes and provides access to the digital resources used in the classroom, along with other relevant resources.

Teacher resource

Using 'Vending machines' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea provides video footage showing how a teacher integrates the interactive digital curriculum resource L544 'Vending machines: drinks' during a year 8 Japanese lesson in which students learn vocabulary related to types of drinks and how to ask for them. It describes and provides access to the interactive ...