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Compass used by Andrew Keith Jack in Antarctica, 1914-17

This compass was used by Andrew Keith Jack, an Australian member of the Ross Sea Party, on sledging journeys during the Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914-17.


Sextant - Troughton, c1820

This is a brass pillar-frame sextant with inset silver/platinum scale, made by Troughton of London, circa 1820, with serial number 940. The sextant is housed in a fitted wooden box and has two interchangeable eyepieces and two sets of coloured filters. It is graduated to 145 degrees. Its arm has a silver vernier and a microscope. ...


James Cook - finding your way

If you decide to visit somewhere you've never been before, how do you find your way? If you're in a car, the driver might use a GPS. You might use a smartphone app to give you directions. Perhaps you might go really ‘old school' and use a printed map or street directory. But how did explorers navigate their way around the ...


Kamay – looking up

This resource explores the navigation techniques used during the journey of the Endeavour and contrasts these with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander navigational and astronomical systems that have been in place for many thousands of years. This learning sequence contains activities suitable for Year 7 - Year 10 science ...


Memories of Antarctic expeditions (1954 and 1961)

Listen as scientist Dr Phillip Law recounts his experiences of expeditions to Antarctica. See historic footage of travelling through pack ice. The clip features the Kista Dan (1954 expedition) and the Magga Dan (1961 expedition). The Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition (ANARE) was established to set up scientific ...


Nordenskjöld, Antarctica and two long winters

Early in the 1900s, several long expeditions set out to delve into the mysteries of Antarctica. One of them made some remarkable scientific discoveries about life that existed long ago on the continent. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. This 1901-1903 Swedish expedition was plagued with problems. Watch this clip to find out more.