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Film distributor or taste maker?

Madman Entertainment co-founder Paul Wiegard isn't sure if his organisation, which was set up to distribute films, has become a taste maker or simply mirrors a natural shift in Australia's tastes. One thing is certain though, as program host Marcus Westbury says, 'Madman is the '500 pound gorilla' of Australian niche culture.'


Lift Off - That's Not Fair, 1992: 'Bonza is tops, Bonza is ace!'

This clip shows Poss (Erin Pratten) watching a gymkhana on television with her friend Kim (Maria Nguyen) and daydreaming about owning a pony of her own, when two spruikers from an advertisement for Bonza breakfast cereal literally come out of the television into the living room and speak directly to the girls. They promise ...

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Gilmore Braes Heritage Beef: creating a 'niche market' farming ancient breeds of cattle

This is a video about how Batlow farmers Ian and Mandy McCorkindale produce and market meat from Scottish Highland and Welsh Black cattle. It shows scenes of the cattle on the farm and meat being prepared in the butchery as Ian McCorkindale describes the process, value and rewards of marketing their beef directly to the ...