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Interactive resource

Creativity: Fifi Colston

Explore Fifi’s studio and discover how she creates wearable art. Look at aspects such as inspiration, motivation, planning and techniques. Plan a design to communicate a message. Choose objects and materials. Use tools to arrange elements of your design such as size, position and colour. Review and revise your work. Use ...

Interactive resource

Electrifying concert: wiring

Add components to complete electrical circuits: simple, series and parallel circuits. Relate circuit diagrams to actual circuits. See how circuits can be modelled by water flow. This learning object is one in a series of two objects. The series is also packaged as a combined learning object.

Interactive resource

Wiring: the simple circuit

Add components to complete simple electrical circuits. Relate circuit diagrams to actual circuits. Explore the effect of batteries and switches on current and brightness of bulbs. See how circuits can be modelled by water flow. This learning object is one in a series of three objects.

Interactive resource

How does the number of batteries affect the strength of an electromagnet?

Find out how the strength of an electromagnet depends on the number of batteries connected to it. Choose a particular number of batteries and then test the strength of the electromagnet by inserting it into a container of paper clips. Observe the number of paper clips the electromagnet collects and record this in the data ...

Interactive resource

Physical science: circuits

Build electric circuits using batteries, light bulbs, resistors and other components. Add meters to measure the voltage, current and resistance. Investigate Ohm’s Law. Discover how to find the total resistance of a combination of resistors. Test your understanding by answering five assessment questions.


Circuits - upper primary

This collection of 11 digital curriculum resources is organised in three categories - types of circuits; circuit applications; and conductors and insulators. Interactive learning objects enable students to build and manipulate simple series and parallel electric circuits. Students investigate how current flows, effects ...


Message Stick - Arafura Pearl, 2003: Saltwater Freshwater

The clip shows Kathy Mills talking about her husband David Mills and their relationship. Kathy describes how singing brought them together and became the foundation of their family life. Older photographs and contemporary footage of the family are seen. Their son Robert explains that they are 'straight for each other', ...


Message Stick - Arafura Pearl, 2003: Music

The clip shows the Mills, a Darwin family of musicians and singers. Kathy Mills speaks of her children and their closeness as the song 'Arafura pearl' is sung in the background. Kathy says everyone in the family has 'the music bug'. She says while the Mills Sisters are the 'most known' singers of the family, 'the boys now ...


Chinese proclamation tablet, 1889

This is a black-and-white photograph of a sandalwood tablet measuring 183 cm x 72 cm. The tablet is covered in gesso (plaster of Paris) and gilded gold leaf, embossed with images of birds and foliage, and enclosed in a carved wooden frame (not visible in this image). The Chinese characters are printed in black and the main ...


'Thaal the black eagle, Mal the red eagle', 1994

This is an earthenware clay pot made in 1994 by Thancoupie (1937-). Measuring 29 cm (height) x 32 cm (diameter), the pot is almost spherical with a small, irregular opening at the top. It is covered with bold decorative designs that have been carved into the surface as thick dark lines set against the off-white colour of ...


'Argyle' chair by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1898-99

This is the 'Argyle' chair, which was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1898-99. Measuring 136.5 cm high x 51.0 cm x 46.0 cm, the chair is made of dark stained oak with a rush seat. It has a very high back consisting of two back splats at its centre and two tapered stiles at either side. An oval-shaped top rail extends ...


Wedgwood portrait medallion of Captain Cook, 1777-80

This is a jasper (stoneware) oval medallion, the design of which is attributed to John Flaxman. Made in 1777-80 in Staffordshire, England, by Wedgwood and Bentley in buff-coloured jasper, the medallion features a low-relief portrait of Captain James Cook. Cook is depicted as a middle-aged man with wavy, mid-length hair ...


Italian virginal, 1629

This is a musical instrument called a virginal, made in 1629 and attributed to Vincentius de Taeggiis of Bologna in northern Italy. The photograph shows a long, rectangular wooden box with a four-octave keyboard recessed into the front of it. Inside the box, not visible in the photograph, is a series of strings that are ...


'Your house and mine', 1954 - asset 19

This is a clip from a 22-minute colour documentary made in Melbourne, Victoria in 1954 titled 'Your house and mine'. Magazines are spread out on a table, including 'House and Garden', 'Home Beautiful', 'Architecture', 'Your Garden', 'Australian House and Garden Annual' and 'Home'. Five houses typical of the era are shown ...


Antonio Gaudi - To a Dancing God, 1974: Gaudi the perfectionist

This clip shows some of the work of Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. Moving and still images from his work on Casa dels Ossos highlight examples of his interior and exterior design. The narration emphasises his highly individual style and describes the other architectural schools prevalent at the time. The clip is accompanied ...


'What'll we do when this is over?' 1942

This is a song composed by Jack Davey in 1942 about what military personnel would do when the Second World War was over. The song was available as a record and as sheet music.


'Heroes of the air', 1928

This song, 'Heroes of the air - a song of praise to Australia's great airmen', recorded in Sydney in May 1928 and also published as sheet music, celebrates the first air crossing of the Pacific from 31 May to 9 June 1928. The cover of the sheet music says the song was 'Dedicated to Capt Kingsford-Smith and C P Ulm and Comrades'.