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Listed under:  Arts  >  Art movements  >  Modern art  >  Abstract art  >  Op art

Black swan casket, 1914

This is a hexagonal (six-sided) container made in copper and decorated in enamel and gilt by the Australian modernist artist and designer Ethel Barringer (1884-1925). The strong geometric design has been offset by the liveliness of the insets on each side panel and on the lid, and the elegant arches at the base of the object. ...


'Metal sculpture', c1974

This is a metal sculpture, measuring 122.5 cm x 63.0 cm, made in about 1974 by Robert Klippel (1920-2001). It consists of a large number of variously sized metal shapes and rods joined together to form an open, see-through construction. The sculpture consists of a box-form base made from straight metal rods, and two vertical ...


'Dead Goebbels he say', 1971

This is an oil painting made in 1971 by Richard Larter (1929-). Measuring 123.5 cm x 185.0 cm, the work consists of a number of faces and figures that have been appropriated from newspapers and magazines and arranged informally on a flat surface. One of the images of the men (upper right) wears a military cap and is gesticulating ...


Decorative tile, c1980

This is a decorative tile of red and brown enamel on metal with a clear glaze. It depicts a Mäori motif based on rock art from the Opihi River area of South Canterbury, on the east coast of the South Island, New Zealand. It shows five dogs and a human form at the head of a dominant central image of a stylised taniwha or ...


'Cream filling; phew, finger ring', 1971

In this acrylic painting by Richard Larter, 12 separate pictures are interspersed with multicoloured abstract designs. Painted onto the canvas to look like cut-outs are: a woman's face drawn in comic-book style; Elvis Presley singing into a microphone; two topless women; Friedrich Nietzsche; a skull, Mick Jagger singing; ...