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Listed under:  Arts  >  Drama (Arts)  >  Theatrical genres  >  Musical theatre  >  Operas
Listed under:  Arts  >  Music  >  Musical forms  >  Operas
Moving Image

Opera: life without a microphone

Performing opera is one of the most challenging roles a singer can undertake. In this clip from Behind the News, join Kirsty Bennett as she discovers the complexities of opera and the demands it makes on singers' voices.


Dame Nellie Melba in a procession at Lilydale, 1902

This is a black-and-white photograph that shows the arrival of operatic soprano Nellie Melba (1861-1931) in a procession at Lilydale in Victoria during her 1902 tour of Australia and New Zealand. Melba is seated in a buggy at the front of the procession. The procession, which is made up of people in buggies and men on horseback, ...


Outback Opera, La Boheme Tour, 2002: Musetta

This clip shows members of the touring arm of the Australian Opera, OzOpera, onstage in an outdoor cafe scene from Puccini's opera, 'La Boheme', as Musetta sings her famous Waltz aria from Act II. The clip opens with a title screen explaining what is to come. Musetta then sings the Waltz. Mimi and another cafegoer join ...


Outback Opera, La Boheme Tour, 2002: Going to the opera

This clip shows members of OzOpera, and of the audience, preparing for a performance of Puccini's opera, 'La Boheme', at Whyalla in South Australia in 2002. The clip begins with the conductor Tobias Foskett joking with members of the cast as they put on their make-up. The scene shifts to a family preparing to go to the ...


David Hobson reflects on Joan Sutherland, 2005

This is an edited sound recording of tenor David Hobson recalling the atmosphere in the Sydney Opera House on 2 October 1990 when Dame Joan Sutherland, the famous opera singer, gave her emotional Australian farewell performance. Hobson speaks of Dame Joan's sense of humour and her down-to-earth nature. He mentions a crystal ...