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Vivienne Grey cutting birthday cake at family party, Springvale, 1977

This is a colour photograph showing the Grey family in their home, Springvale. Paget, Margaret, Francis, Tony, Vivienne and the children's grandmother Margaret are celebrating Vivienne's tenth birthday. Birthday cards and the ABBA album 'Arrival' sit on the kitchen table, where Vivienne is cutting a cream-sponge birthday ...


Pablo and Pamela Diaz at Oscar Poncell's birthday party, Newport, 1979

This is a colour photograph showing Pablo and Pamela Diaz with an unknown baby girl at Oscar Poncell's birthday party in Newport, Melbourne, in 1979. The photograph was collected as part of Museum Victoria's Melbourne's Biggest Family Album project in 2006. It is a digital copy of the original.

Moving Image

In the past: Christmas at a bush school

Discover how school children in the Australian bush celebrated Christmas more than 50 years ago. This silent clip shows school children putting on a Nativity play - a play that tells the Bible story of Jesus's birth. The students then have a Christmas party. The black-and-white footage was filmed near Parkes in 1961.

Interactive resource

Zou ba! Test your knowledge: birthday party

Watch and listen to a conversation about a birthday party. Answer questions about clothes, accessories and dressing. This learning object is one in a series of three objects.


Douglas Albion home movie - Children's Party, c1921

This silent black-and-white clip shows scenes from a 1920s Christmas party that also appears to be a celebration of Wally Albion's fifth birthday. The party is in the garden of the Albion family home in Sydney. Among the guests are a large number of children wearing party clothes and an older man playing Santa Claus. Various ...