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Listed under:  Society  >  Citizenship  >  Politics  >  Human rights  >  Freedom  >  Paternalism

Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve

This is a collection of 17 digital curriculum resources focusing on the daily life of people at the Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve in the second half of the 19th century. It is organised into six categories - Coranderrk people; conditions on the reserve; Coranderrk leaders; growing hops; making money from tourists; and issues ...


'The dawn of art', 1880s

This is a set of six drawings by the Aboriginal artists Ilontereba, Mindilpilpil and Billiamook. The set is prominently titled 'THE DAWN OF ART' with smaller text stating that it shows 'Original Sketches and Drawings by Aboriginal Natives of the Northern Territory of South Australia executed without the aid of a master. ...


Backchat Episode 215, 1988: This is treason

This clip shows a section of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) television series 'Backchat'. Host Tim Bowden talks about a previously broadcast humorous song that promoted the idea of an Australian republic, 'Sack The Jack', and a clip from the song is then played. Viewers' comments are read out, and these are ...