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Listed under:  Society  >  Social relations  >  Conflict (Human relations)  >  Peace  >  Peacekeeping
Teacher resource

Peace building

This is a compilation of six teaching sequences about peace building. It includes sections on what peace means; conflict resolution; difference; diversity; discrimination; human rights; peace building; and children in other places and their experiences of peace and conflict. The stories and photo essays that feature children ...

Teacher resource

UN Peacekeeping

A sample program for Stage 5 Depth Study 6 providing teaching strategies, suggested resources and sample worksheets. United Nations Peacekeeping is designed to provide a clear insight into the formation and working of the United Nations and to Australia’s role within that organisation in the Post-War period. Links toYouTube ...

Moving Image

How does the United Nations work?

Watch this clip to learn how the United Nations (the UN) works. It was established in 1945. What is its purpose?  What are some of the major areas it deals with? Which countries are permanent members of the Security Council? And what is the General Assembly? Can you list some of the achievements of the UN? Why not do some ...

Interactive Resource

Invictus Games Sydney 2018 – HSIE – Stage 5

This module, The modern world and Australia – Australia's involvement in recent conflict, explores Australia's involvement in contemporary conflict and peacekeeping missions, the role of service personnel through time and stories of contemporary service personnel who are competing in the Invictus Games Sydney 2018. This ...