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Australian biography: Sir Marcus Oliphant, 1991

'Sir Marcus Oliphant' is an excerpt from the program 'Sir Marcus Oliphant' (26 min), an episode of 'Australian biography' series one (7 x 26 min), produced in 1991. The 'Australian biography' series profiles some of the most extraordinary Australians of our time. Many have had a major influence on the nation's cultural, ...


Joan Winch, 2003: Indigenous health workers

This clip is an excerpt from 'Joan Winch' (26 min), an episode of 'Australian biography' series 9, produced in 2003. In the clip Joan Winch - a Nyungar-Martujarra Elder, nurse, midwife, academic and educator - talks about setting up an Aboriginal health workers' program in Western Australia. She asked the community to nominate ...


Neville Bonner, 1991: beginnings

This clip shows Aboriginal activist and politician Neville Bonner talking about his early life. He says that his mother was deserted by her first husband, after which the family moved to Lismore and lived on the bank of the Richmond River. The conditions there were 'very shocking'. Bonner's grandfather cleared an area under ...


Video of Anita Apinis speaking about her parents, who emigrated from Latvia as refugees, 2006

This is a video of Anita Apinis speaking about her parents' experience of emigrating from Latvia to Australia as refugees. She demonstrates traditional Latvian weaving on the loom that her parents brought to Australia, made from salvaged wood in a displaced person's camp in Memmingen, Germany. She also discusses traditional ...


Video of Nyabana Riek speaking about her experience as a refugee from Sudan, 2006

This is a video of Nyabana Riek speaking about her experience as a refugee from Sudan. She talks about escaping war in Sudan, living in refugee camps, losing most of her family, immigrating to Australia with her sister, being bullied at school in Australia and receiving support from the local Sudanese community. The video ...


Video of Cuc Lam describing her experience as a refugee from Vietnam, 2006

This is a video of Cuc Lam speaking about her experience as a refugee from Vietnam. She talks about her unsuccessful attempts to escape from Vietnam, and about finally escaping with her husband by boat in 1978 and being rescued by the Malaysian navy. She also talks about the deaths of her niece and nephew during their attempt ...


Video of discussion about the Women on Farms Gathering Collection, 2006-07

This video begins with curator Liza Dale-Hallett and historian Marian Quartly talking about the Women on Farms Gathering perpetual banner. They also discuss the implications of curating an object that is still in use and whose meaning is still being created by a community. Following that is an interview with two women, ...


Deb Tout Smith talks about the Melbourne Story exhibition, 2008

This is a video of Melbourne Museum curator Deb Tout Smith talking about the Melbourne Story exhibition at Melbourne Museum. The video was made in 2008.


Personal letter from W C Wentworth to his father, 1805

This personal letter was written by William Charles Wentworth from London on 14 July 1805 to his father, D'Arcy Wentworth, who was then a surgeon on Norfolk Island. It comprises cream-coloured textured paper with faded ink handwriting on both sides. It is addressed to 'Mr Wentworth, Norfolk Island, New South Wales' and ...


Wedding dress worn by Agnes Thompson, 1833

This is a silk and cotton wedding dress with matching leather shoes. The dress is made from cream silk organdy, and it has a low, rounded neck, pronounced leg-of-mutton sleeves and a high waist. The seams have been stitched by hand using backstitch. The top of each sleeve is gathered into pencil pleats and this detail is ...


What impacts has immigration had on Australia?

In this unit of work students investigate stories of immigration and the impact migrants have had on Australian society over time. This unit of work uses the objects and displays from the National Museum of Australia's previous Horizons gallery (now replaced by the Australian Journeys gallery) and other Museum exhibitions ...

Interactive resource

Make your verdict: interactive game

In this Flash interactive game students join a panel to cast judgement on famous outlaws Ben Hall, Ned Kelly, Salvatore Giuliano, Jesse James, Pancho Villa and Phoolan Devi. Students access the case for the prosecution and the case for the defence, as well as key witness statements.


Postcard with poem entitled 'Doors', 1939

This poem, entitled 'Doors', was written by Arthur Lederer shortly before he and his family departed England on board SS Orama in 1939. The Lederers had fled Austria to escape Nazi persecution of the Jews and had travelled via Czechoslovakia and Great Britain before joining their ship to Australia. The poem uses a door ...


'A Fortunate Life', 1985

These are three clips from a TV miniseries made in 1985 based on AB Facey's (1889-1981) autobiography, 'A Fortunate Life' (1981). The first clip shows a savage beating given to Facey when he was a young boy; the second an incident in which he causes a dangerous pig to break out of its pen; and the third a fierce storm that ...


'Life at the Top: A Week with Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser', 1977

These are two clips of television documentary footage showing some typical activities of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser during one week in 1977. The first clip shows Malcolm Fraser at home after a 14-hour day socialising with his family. The second clip presents the prime minister eating lunch with steel workers in Wollongong, ...


'Menzies in Profile', 1964

These are three clips of archival footage providing a biographical sketch of Sir Robert Gordon Menzies. The first clip tells the story of the Menzies family and of Robert's school education and awards. The second clip covers the period of his first prime ministership in the early 1940s. The third clip shows Menzies in his ...

Moving Image

A school's history of sustainability

Discover the history of sustainability at a local primary school as two generations of past students reflect on their time at the school. View this clip called 'The past of our present', created by young reporters from North Fitzroy Primary School, Victoria. The clip was developed as part of the ABC Splash Live 'Making ...

Moving Image

Celebrating achievements

Discover some different ways that people celebrate achievements. This clip takes you to two big celebrations: a street parade and a graduation. Find out what it takes to achieve things worth celebrating. Learn some ways that you can help others achieve.

Interactive resource

Biography: Federation people: Alfred Deakin

Find out more about Alfred Deakin, the second prime minister of Australia and Federation leader. Examine two different types of biographies of Deakin: one short and the other more detailed. Inspect examples of how he was visually depicted in his time. This learning object is one in a series of objects in the 'Biography: ...

Interactive resource

Biography: Federation people: Edmund Barton

Find out more about Edmund Barton, Australia's first prime minister and drafter of the constitution. Examine two different types of biographies of Barton: one short and the other more detailed. Inspect examples of how he was visually depicted in his time. This learning object is one in a series of objects in the 'Biography: ...