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Badge protesting against labelling of gay and lesbian minority, c1979

This is a circular badge with light blue background, featuring the word 'MEMBER' printed in white capital letters across the centre within a wide orange stripe. The words 'IMMORAL' and 'MINORITY', also in white capitals, are printed across the top and bottom respectively. There is slight rust at the top of the badge and ...


Gay solidarity badge, 1969

This is a red circular badge from New York. The black outline of a butterfly inside the black outline of a triangle is printed in the centre. Around the top rim is the thick black inscription 'GAY SOLIDARITY'. 'CHRISTOPHER ST, JUNE '69' is printed around the bottom rim. The badge has a diameter of 3.70 cm.


Badge for heterosexuals in solidarity with gays and lesbians, c1980

This is a white circular plastic-coated metal badge with a black image of a panda in the centre and 'heterosexuals unafraid of gays and lesbians' printed in black around the rim. The badge probably dates from the period 1970-90. Its diameter is 4.4 cm.


Badge encouraging people to 'come out', c1980

This is a circula, black and plastic-coated metal badge featuring a central pink triangle overlaid with a light-grey butterfly. The slogan 'COME OUT!' is printed in strong pink capital letters around the edge of the bottom half of the badge, which is 4.9 cm in diameter.

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Growing up Roman

Imagine living in ancient Rome, when your father could decide whether you lived or died, sell you into slavery and decide who you would marry. Explore the dynamics of ancient Roman families, along with fascinating facts about housework, family pets, schooling and names.


Gay and lesbian 'Wimbledon Dance' badge, 1981

This is a cream circular badge featuring the profile in green of US tennis player Billie Jean King inside the top left quadrant, against a dotted green background. The remainder of the badge has the inscription, also in green, 'GCN / "We All Make Mistakes" / Wimbledon Dance / July 1981'. The badge's diameter is 3.2 cm.


Ticket to a film at Bendigo Queer Film Festival, 2005

This is a pink admission ticket to an 8.00 pm screening of 'A Touch of Pink' at the second Bendigo Queer Film Festival (BQFF) on Saturday 2 April 2005. Ticketing details and a festival logo showing the letters 'bqff' inside a section of film strip are printed in black on this ticket.


Bendigo Queer Film Festival memorial T-shirt, 2004

This is a black cotton T-shirt, size XL, printed with a Bendigo Queer Film Festival logo inside a white square on the front. It was produced as memorial merchandise by and for the Bendigo Queer Film Festival 2004. The T-shirt is 100.50 cm in width x 81.00 cm in length.


Leaflet for the Queer Melbourne History Walk, February 2003

This is a yellow four-page leaflet produced by the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA) for the Queer Melbourne History Walk in February 2003. The leaflet consists of double-sided foldable pages containing photocopied text, a historical print and a photograph, all in black. Some of the print has smudged or rubbed ...


Badge proclaiming pride in sexual orientation, c1980

This is a black metal badge with 'out proud and fighting' printed on it in stylised black-and-yellow print. There are yellow joined female symbols at centre left and yellow joined male symbols at centre right. At the bottom is a small yellow square containing the black letters 'IS'. The badge was in use at some time between ...


Badge against presumption of heterosexuality, c1980

This is a circular mottled fawn-coloured badge with 'How dare you presume I'm heterosexual' printed across its centre. The words are black except for 'dare', which is pink. The diameter of this badge is 4.40 cm


Brick from the Great Wall of China, 1368-1644

This is a rectangular fired clay-brick from the Great Wall of China. The brick is presented within a timber display frame on four curved legs with a removable lid.

Interactive Resource

SeeMe: The media, my world and me

The SeeMe website is designed for year 8 students and their teachers. It promotes a positive body image and tackles idealised media portrayals of beauty and gender, and the influence they have on young people. There are five modules and a digital interactive titled 'Photoshock', which explores the ways images are digitally ...

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Australian teen culture: birth of skateboarding

Since its creation in California in the 1950s, skateboarding, or 'skating', has been more than a sport. Beginning as an activity for surfers when they weren't in the water, it quickly came to represent a culture, and an attitude, all its own. In this clip from 1976, watch Australian teenagers skate the streets and an empty ...

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Holden, the 'all-Australian car'

What made Holden cars symbols of Australia during the 1950s, 60s and 70s? During this period, more than any other vehicle, the Holden came to reflect changing lifestyles in Australia, and helped to define for many what it meant to be 'Australian'. Find out the impact that generations of Holden vehicles have had on the lives ...

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Mysteries and marvels of Hinduism

Discover Hinduism, one of the world's most popular religions. Explore Hinduism's ancient origins and its continuing impact on the traditions, beliefs and daily lives of its followers. The majority of people in India and Nepal follow Hinduism. In the early twentieth century that was approximately 900 million people. This ...

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Get to know Hindu deities Shiva and Vishnu

Who are the major gods and goddesses of the Hindu religion and what do their followers believe about their nature, power and influence in the world? In this clip from a 1965 'University of the Air' program you will encounter several Hindu gods and goddesses and learn some of the most widely held beliefs about them. This ...

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Hinduism in Tamil dynasties

How did Hinduism come to shape India? The ancient Hindu culture influenced Indian societies through the Middle Ages and into modern times. This clip from a 1965 episode of 'University of the Air' explores the influence of Hinduism on the Tamil dynasties of the Pallavas and Cholas in southern India. This is the last clip ...

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Ganesh, the friendly god

Meet some of the most loved and most feared gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. This clip from a 1965 episode of 'University of the Air' introduces Ganesh, Kali, Durga, Surya and Kubera. This is the third clip in a series of four.

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Community stories, community values

What does community mean to you? Watch this Heywire clip to find out what Melody Pedler thinks. During her quest to become a city journalist, this girl from a Darling Downs grain farm found a sense of purpose that involves telling stories of vibrant regional communities to city dwellers. Could you write or record a similar ...