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Managing insect pests with biological controls

How can integrated pest management (IPM) reduce the use of toxic chemical pesticides? See how natural predators of insect pests, called biological controls, are used in agriculture. Find out the kinds of tests they have to be put through.


Choice: food warnings and safety

This is a web page providing reviews of various food products, packaging and production in terms of food safety including food hygiene, genetically modified food, pesticides and food additives. It covers Bisphenol A (BPA) in canned foods, pesticides in vegetables, plastic and plasticiser contamination in food, food additives ...

Interactive Resource

Sites2See: Garden materials to grow an idea

A page with links to a range of gardening and horticulture resources, including a video interview and tour with plant scientist Tim Entwistle and sites with planting guides and tips for vegetable gardening.

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Slow food USA: biodiversity

This is a video and web page about the importance of preserving biodiversity, with a particular focus on the issues associated with the industrialised food system. The video includes information about evolution; the extinction of species of animals and plants; the environmental problems humans have created; the importance ...

Teacher resource

Control: far afield - lesson plan

This is a plan for a lesson that encourages discussion about human alteration of plants, the importance of agricultural biodiversity, the problems associated with monoculture and the different approaches to pest control including the use of genetic engineering in food production. Topics include the origin and development ...

Interactive Resource

All about eggs:animal welfare - whatis it all about?

This interactive lesson enables students to understand how the growth and survival of a hen is affected by the physical conditions of its environment. They will gain knowledge of the ways in which egg farmers care for their hens and how the government enforces strict guidelines to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Students ...