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Listed under:  Arts  >  Media arts  >  Photography  >  Photographic processing

Photographic booth, c1930-40

This is a Mutoscope photomatic photographic booth and parts, manufactured from metal, glass, fabric, ceramic and rubber by International Mutoscope Reel Co Inc, New York City. The unit is mostly green, with white trim at the top. Signs on the front and the side of the unit read 'Your Photo / Already Framed / One Minute / ...


'We sell Kodak film' poster, 1930s

This is a colour poster, advertising Kodak film, that was printed in the 1930s. Its slogan reads 'WE SELL Kodak Film DEVELOPING PRINTING ENLARGING'. The poster features illustrations of three yellow boxes of Kodak film, Verichrome, Panatomic and Super Sensitive Panchromatic. The dimensions of the poster are 665 mm x 260 mm.


Employees mixing photographic chemicals, Kodak factory, 1920-49

This is a sepia photograph of two employees mixing chemicals in the mixing room in the Kodak factory processing laboratories in Melbourne, some time in the early to mid-20th century. The men are working either at the Abbotsford factory site or the Burnley site. They are dressed casually in shirts and trousers. They wear ...

Teacher resource

Using 'Something wicked' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea is about teaching R11558 'Something wicked - unit of work' to a year 10 class. The teacher describes how she taught Shakespeare's Macbeth in a year 10 multi-level ESL classroom by incorporating cultural perspectives and using drama activities and multimedia to inspire and motivate students.


Flooding in Brisbane, 1893 - asset 1

This cyanotype photograph of disastrous floods in 1893 shows the inundated Brisbane Gas Company and its neighbourhood at Newstead, Queensland, on the banks of the Brisbane River. The photograph was taken from higher ground, looking across several flooded houses towards the Company's gas storage tanks. The houses in the ...