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Listed under:  Technologies  >  Manufacturing processes  >  Coating  >  Plating

'Antipodean palaceware (vase)', 1989 and 1998

This is a decorative earthenware vase, made in 1989 by Mark Heidenreich and decorated in 1998 by Stephen Bowers (1952-). This large vase, which measures 86.0 cm x 52.5 cm (diameter), is a classically elegant form with a cylindrical, rimmed, footed base that rises in a swelling curve and pinches into a tight throat and generous ...


'A shining example', 1920 - asset 6

This is a clip from a 1920 black-and-white silent documentary made in Melbourne by Herschells Films titled 'A shining example.' It begins with an intertitle that reads 'Now thoroughly cleaned, the teapot receives its first coat of pure silver by being dipped in a "Striking Bath" containing liquid silver.' A worker wearing ...